By khaoslife / Saturday 18 April 2015 03:15 / United States - Louisville
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  Mauskau  |  35

What have you had done in the dentist that hurts? I haven't had an injection to numb my gums for anything other than having teeth removed, because the injection itself hurts a lot more and stings afterwards, drilling just feels uncomfortable when they do it.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

"You're going to feel a bit of pressure," or "now this may feel a bit uncomfortable" = PAIN! Horrible horrible pain! Lol.

I've been to a lot of doctors and had several minor procedures, and I don't get why they lie like this. It doesn't keep me more calm like I assume they think, it makes me panic that I'm feeling more pain then they said and it makes me scared that I'm in too far to stop now.

  squiros  |  2

i've always understood it to mean it won't hurt. . . for them. so the doctor meant that the scraping would only cause slight cramping for her. every time the dentist says it won't hurt, i punch them in the dick preemptively; for lying to me and to keep them in line for next time.

  Leprekhaun  |  14

@39 correct me if im wrong but a pap smear is getting tissue by rubbing a qtip type thing on the cervix and a biopsy is taking a piece with a sharp edged knife?

  Izabushel  |  65

#75. I was just writing a comment on the same thing. A biopsy is different to a Pap test. A Pap test they use a little brush to collect a few cells from the surface of the cervix. A biopsy is much more invasive and painful. They are actually removing tissue rather than a few surface cells. There are several kinds of biopsy but by the sounds of it, OP had a endocervical curettage, where they use a curette to scrap a tissue sample.

Poor Dr Papanicolaous wife had Pap tests as they came to be known, every day for 21 years to collect samples as her husband researched ovulation cycles.

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