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Next time burn her house down.

Your parents don't understand video games, do they?


I know that feeling.

Next time burn her house down.

You can only say that games, in real life it causes even more trouble

With her in it

fill her house with creepers.

Punch her in real life.

Might as well commit the crime of your being punished for it!

That was my thought process haha. might as well!

This is why video games are not played with sisters.

Your parents don't understand video games, do they?

I feel your pain mate.

Steal your stuff on Minecraft or irl?

Because punching people in Minecraft will really stop people stealing your stuff in real life.

I realized this was a dumb question right after I posted it I apologize

"Oh no! She is stealing my stuff!" *logs in Minecraft* *punches sister's character* "That'll show her!"

you are aware you can edit comments right

Punch her again, that birch aint worth losing your diamonds

*beats my sister at mario kart* Sis: Mom he hit me with a blue turtle! Mom: you're grounded for a year! Me: *stares incredulously*

*beats sister in Mario Kart* Mom he beat me!

You know TNT is an amazing thing , so are trapdoors. Or you know just don't play with her, or on same server.