By Exodiafinder687 - 12/04/2015 09:06 - United States - Tampa

Today, I was working in the garden, when some fire ants ran up my shorts and bit me on an intimate part of my anatomy. My 4 year old nephew will not stop telling people about my rapid strip tease. FML
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I just want to thank everyone for their support. Always be careful of strange looking insects. You never know which ones are dangerous.

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Hah! I'm sorry OP, but I cannot help but laugh at the thought. Also, I hope you're okay from the spontaneous attack on your genitals.

Ouch, at least there's a funny story for the future :D

Pretty sure they could crawl up pants just as easy lol

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Why do people comment these? Is it an attempt at reverse psychology? The world may never know.

#8 negative attention. Some people seem to enjoy that.

nothing worse than having ants in your pants

crotch fire*??? or fire crotch?? Am I missing a punchline, a story, or something??

Slang for the pubic hair of a person with red hair.

Kids and their childish ANTics, this will be something to laugh about later in life. Hopefully your intimate anatomy is okay.

I once had a similar experience, but with a crab spider on my shirt. After the blisters fade, you'll find the humor in it.