By toe - 03/02/2015 03:14 - United States - Sullivan

Today, I stole my brother's fuzzy slippers for the day as I usually do. Too bad he had been anticipating this and had left a mouse trap in one of them. FML
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Why don't you just buy your own damn slippers? YDI for being a cheap thief.

serves you right!


serves you right!

Who are you to judge?

well considering he was basically a thief anyone can judge. I would do this too!

#10, "who are you to judge"? Someone on FML who's offered two judgement buttons, up or down, on every. single. post. Judging is kind of encouraged here.

B1ackthesun 31

#10 We have 'I agree, your life sucks' and 'You deserved it' buttons, judging is pretty much the whole point.

This entire website is based on judging, that's why we have moderation and the voting system on FMLs.

This sounds like something straight outta Hasbro.

Ha! What did you think would happen?

Why don't you just buy your own damn slippers? YDI for being a cheap thief.

Cheap thief lol

I used to like fml because people would get "you deserved it" for these types of "FML". These days theres just a bunch of "aaaaw shaaame" sympathizers hitting that "your life sucks" button. *sigh*

You do realize there are more YDI votes than FYl right? FML hasn't really changed that much either.

well we are still thumbing down stupid posts.... so i dont think FML has changed all that much

I remember when we couldn't thumb posts and the crappy ones stayed put. The bad days for all but the original commenter.

It's probably time you invested in some slippers of your own

I like your brother's way of thinking.

Sorry OP but you deserve it. Not kind of deserve it, but you full blown deserve it. I'm sure the slippers are at an acceptable price and you can go get your own. Even if they're not, settle for a cheaper pair. Hey, you may even find something even more comfortable than the pair you keep stealing from your brother.

marcmaralou 15

This reminds me of when I was on the baseball team in high school. One player would always steal people's gatorades, so one day one of the guys pissed in a Gatorade bottle and left it out in the open... he actually drank it

I wouldn't be surprised if he still thought it was Gatorade.

Did he ever find out it was piss?

I think he eventually found out..

wtf????!?? i drank piss. damnnn that Andrew. i m gnna go get m payback X(

Aww ever sick! We need a follow up on this. Did he ever find out? Did you ask him how he didn't notice? Do pee and yellow Gatorade taste the same? Makes you wonder what's in Gatorade.

marcmaralou 15

He noticed immediately and spit it out! I'm almost positive piss doesn't taste anything like Gatorade... (almost)