By WhatTheF - 11/07/2016 05:42

Today, after far too many times of my brother stealing food out of my own personal mini fridge, I bought a lock and chained the handles together. I came back to find that my brother had responded by breaking the doors off their hinges. FML
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either a) talk to him and tell him to stop or b) break his bedroom door off its hinges and see what he does.

I would probably put spoiled food in there, let him learn OP!


wow dude i would legit punch my brother in his face if he did that to my shit

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awildwhisper 30

That seems a lot excessive for a sibling breaking a mini fridge.

Wtf would the police do about that? Tell the brother to stop being a jerk when they could be responding to real problems?

hellobobismyname 24

Police would just consider this a family dispute. I once tried to run away cuz my dad threatened to kill me, and when the cops got called due to my dad trying to drag me into his car, they told me I had to go back home and there was nothing they could do, because "it was a family dispute." Imagine calling them about a broken mini fridge, lol. They'd just get mad at OP.

#49 They called it a family dispute? I feel like that is possible child abuse (prob not a phrase used by police) or disturbance of peace (when someone unlawfully tries to disrupt your happiness in life).

hellobobismyname 24

#73 - I couldn't prove he made the threat, and my dad spun it around on me saying I was lying and just trying to run away so I can do drugs and have sex. He didn't actually beat me or hurt me so I guess they didn't consider it abuse. They got mad at me for being disobedient. Thus, "family dispute." Just sent us home to solve it ourselves.

I would probably put spoiled food in there, let him learn OP!

chrisbeaudoin 26

Either put spoiled foods, extremely spicy sauce, or a food he hates.

Or sugar free food. My mom used to buy sweets and my brother and I would eat them. Then she bought sugar free sweets (I was little and didn't know the difference) and ate them. Got the ***** and ever since then I trust nothing my mom buys nor sugar free sweets...

The problem with only putting spoiled food in the fridge is that OP himself can't enjoy it then. Might as well give up and throw the fridge away. Honestly I don't see a good solution, OP's brother have clearly shown that he doesn't give a **** what OP thinks or wants. I mean, it's pretty much impossible to not get the hint after the fridge have been chained up and locked..

The best solution really is just to hide with a baseball bat and wait for him to come.

either a) talk to him and tell him to stop or b) break his bedroom door off its hinges and see what he does.

I kinda wonder why you think someone who doesn't get the hint after finding a lock on something that isn't theirs, to the point they feel so entitled to it that they break someone else's property, only needs to be talked to in order to get the hint.

I guess when you live with family nothing is only yours because it's ours. Your brother sucks OP.

Slip some laxatives in the food, problem solved

He's already shown he comes back harder. Might not be a good idea.

If all goes according to plan, OP's brother will be stuck in the bathroom for a long time

chrisbeaudoin 26

If you plan this out and spend time on it, take the toilet paper out of the bathroom and he definitely won't be happy.

awildwhisper 30

He's very dedicated, we can give him that.

What an asshole. Any chance your parents would make him buy you a new fridge?

...And also tell him to back the hell off while they're at it?