By TheRuleEnforcer - / Friday 29 March 2013 08:33 / United States
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  natsaysheyyy  |  16

You have bad parents in my opinion, OP. the first thing they should be concerned with and the most important thing to them should be your wellbeing! They should have been upset and scared that their child was hurt. To yell at a person who just got hurt badly, especially if it was no fault of their own, is awful and indecent! Even worse if it's by their own parents. FYL, OP.

  bamagrl410  |  31

28 - The only way I can think of doing that is by falling face first into them, and that has to be the worst kind of pain.


Today, while driving around with my brother and his idiotic friends, one of them decided it would be a brilliant idea to throw a hot sauce packet out of the car window at a moving vehicle. I've never seen someone angry enough to stop and get out of a vehicle that fast. FML

By kimeatszombies / Wednesday 10 February 2016 10:42 / United States - Riverside
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