By TheRuleEnforcer - 29/03/2013 08:33 - United States

Today, I was hit by a car in a parking lot. The person sped off; I broke three ribs. My parents screamed at me for not getting the driver's info. FML
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fischerxx 10

Did the parking lot have a security camera?

Broken ribs are one of the most painful things, sorry OP.


Stop being lazy, next time make sure to get his/her info. ;)

I really hope you're kidding. Otherwise you're just a jackass.

PhishloverA 14

Yeah they were kidding. That shouldn't even be questionable..

You have bad parents in my opinion, OP. the first thing they should be concerned with and the most important thing to them should be your wellbeing! They should have been upset and scared that their child was hurt. To yell at a person who just got hurt badly, especially if it was no fault of their own, is awful and indecent! Even worse if it's by their own parents. FYL, OP.

Broken ribs are one of the most painful things, sorry OP.

I sometimes put legos in my shoes before I put them on.

#17 You probably didn't have a hard time getting into the Salty Spitoon then.

I wonder if anyone's ever broken their ribs in a freak accident with legos... If it has, god have mercy on him

Man, getting in there was easier than walking into Mordor, and that was pretty easy.

Speaking bout' legos, don't worry OP, whoever ran you over will probably step on a really tiny painful lego. Karma ain't far behind! :)

bamagrl410 31

28 - The only way I can think of doing that is by falling face first into them, and that has to be the worst kind of pain.

1000 Ways To Die...Stepping on a Lego, Falling and breaking 3 ribs..

chubchube 7

Oh wow. Thats tough. Explain to them exactly what happen and hope they'll understand

fischerxx 10

Did the parking lot have a security camera?

nattynatters 14

I know that you have blood in your eyes but how could you not get his license as he sped away?! Have I taught you nothing?

xeka 10

Wait for him every single day at that one parking lot. The rest is up to you. x)

lishajoy777 14

How dare you! God! get your act together!

Do you mean OP needs to get his act together or that God needs to get his act together? :D

if I seen it id chase the ****** down for ya

swimagirl4321 15

Did you get the license plate number?

You're rib-less, but it's better than being brainless. Good luck OP.