By peacexout108 - 08/11/2009 18:16 - United States

Today, my ex told me she still misses having sex with me. Her next text was "but it's still over." FML
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Wow that's kinda stupid why would she say that?

Konerak 1

Because she still wants to have sex offcourse. But without the relationship. Gratz, you found yourself a f-buddy : )

mexicutioner123 0

someones getting pussy pounded 

at least you know you're good in bed?

Mx_Rider 6

hey buddy dont complain your prob good at sex so what. pound her vaj no strings attached. WIN

OP is female. But like 7 said, do the deed and no strings attached!

perdix 29

There could be strings attached depending on the time of the month. ;) But it can be used for flossing after eating.

WIN! Even though in reality that's completely ridiculous, in clever comment form it's WIN! :D

ilikeu12 0

lol at least your great in bed.

Mx_Rider 6

oops my bad i thought it was a male number 8 lol o well hunny go ride that dick no strings attached. WIN

No, you're not getting it. They're both female. No dicks or pounding involved, except possibly strap-ons.