By peacexout108 - 08/11/2009 18:16 - United States

Today, my ex told me she still misses having sex with me. Her next text was "but it's still over." FML
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at least you know you're good in bed?

casual sex then?


Wow that's kinda stupid why would she say that?

Because she still wants to have sex offcourse. But without the relationship. Gratz, you found yourself a f-buddy : )

someones getting pussy pounded 

So? Just rape her.

pay her for it then

casual sex then?

at least you know you're good in bed?

hey buddy dont complain your prob good at sex so what. pound her vaj no strings attached. WIN

OP is female. But like 7 said, do the deed and no strings attached!

There could be strings attached depending on the time of the month. ;) But it can be used for flossing after eating.

WIN! Even though in reality that's completely ridiculous, in clever comment form it's WIN! :D

lol at least your great in bed.

oops my bad i thought it was a male number 8 lol o well hunny go ride that dick no strings attached. WIN

No, you're not getting it. They're both female. No dicks or pounding involved, except possibly strap-ons.