By amanda_ae_erin - 10/11/2009 04:02 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me in a text message. Then I found out from a mutual friend that he "came out" and told everyone at our school that he is gay. He has known he was gay for years and he was just using me as a cover up. What a great way to start my senior year. FML
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I really hope you mean your senior year of college...


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Nice to know they had a relationship since fifth grade.

... Wonderful to see that nine to ten year olds are declaring themselves in a relationship and ******* each other by the swingsets :D Sorry OP, but... really, 7 years? I hope this is college, even if the wording sounds like high school >>;

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I'm bothered by the fact that she was in such a serious relationship so young.

some people actually realise you can love a person without having sex with them.

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awwh I'm sorry. I feel your pain. I was a coverup to...but for the schools ****.

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96 is correct. 104 is shallow and ignorant.

Did he always flip you over during sex? Cause if so YDI for being to stupid to figure it out

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L04 is probably a virgin anyway

The correct term is shallow and pedantic lol

You're his beard and, most likely, he's your skirt. Welcome to 2009. <:

I really hope you mean your senior year of college...

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By the way she says "he came out to our whole school" makes me lean towards it being highschool (yes I know colleges can be small). Kinda odd you didn't notice that...especially since you have dated ever since you were little kids..

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Okay, senior in college then you were what 14/15 when you started dating. If you are in high school then you were eleven. I am not saying that love cannot last that long (though this might prove it does not last) but if you were that young when you started dating then you can't have known what love really is, you were never challenged, you never went through those key stages of liking other people. Which I think is important to deciding if who you are with is the one, having that to compare. But, I think this relationship sunk long ago is you did not know he was gay for YEARS. Did him taking your clothes not key you in. LOL. Kidding. But if he did not feel free to tell you this, thinking you would understand or he felt like he could use you, well it makes you seem really easy.

That sucks!! U must be hot. Gay guys only want good looking pretend GFs :) It makes a better cover, u see. They r v picky! But i have to admit, that's got to be one of my worst nightmares! ughh, what can u do? u don't have the right equipment to begin with.

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If they're not attracted to females, how would they be able to tell if one is hot?

By seeing whether or not they have spontaneously combusted.

@18: Doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is, you can still tell if someone is attractive or not...

@18 - can't you tell if a member of the opposite sex is attractive? just because you don't personally find them "hot" it doesn't mean you can't acknowledge their aesthetic value.

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You know people might not think you were some 14 year old pretending to be straight when he isn't and being embarrassed about it. (Being gay is not something to be ashamed of.) Using real words, instead of stupid slang that no one understands, makes your argument that much more potent. So cur, stop being a jackass and learn how to write, and think.

:) point taken. My advise to you is to chill F out. Save this pent up aggression for something more appropriate. You will live longer. I assure you.

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Yeah, #18, I have a hard time believing that you don't know when another guy is attractive. You don't have to go "OOOO hot damn that's nice!!" but you still can tell. I know when I see a pretty girl, I hate her :) haha

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omghehe, some people have no lives therefore they treat websites like FML as their life. they take it upon themselves to police the website, and think correcting grammar makes them elite and witty. when in reality, people who have lives use correct grammar in the situations where it actually matters (school, work, etc) and don't take grammar on insignificant humor websites seriously. so just feel sorry for people like her.

Amen to that. Thanks for the support ;) I wish you a wonderful day! :)

tiancai - seriously?? I'm a straight woman but I can tell when another woman is good-looking or not, so why wouldn't a gay guy be able to? Geez, he's gay, not BLIND. I can tell if someone's attractive even if I'm not sexually attracted to them.

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Heather FTW. name says it all.

I think my IQ dropped reading #7's comment... o_O

You should have known when he didn't **** you in that 7 years..

So does that mean any couples who are waiting for sex are not attracted to eachother?