By Bozo - 31/08/2012 07:57 - United States - Saukville

Today, I got a perm in an attempt to prove to my family that I'd been doing well with my life since I last saw them almost a year ago. I ended up going over for dinner looking like Bozo the Clown thanks to my idiot stylist, and my brothers wouldn't stop mocking me about it. FML
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Wait. A perm means you're doing well in life?

ChrisTheCalm 9

This FML made me think about the movie Due Date when he got a perm lol where do you even get those anymore

If you want to show success rent a Ferrari, pretend it's your, fill your wallet up with bills and offer to take your family out for coffee or ice cream and make sure they see your money and maybe hire a fake good looking boyfriend! Simple right? 

Boygenius50 8

Agreed. Absolute YDI for getting a perm in the first place.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Ah, yes. I remember when I got a perm. The cries of "Wow, what a successful woman, with such a glorious perm!", still ring in my ears, even today. Oh, wait.

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AClassActx3 7

Lmao I agree. People still do get perms though.. So its not that foreign to 2012

imavelociraptor 6

It's because it's really expensive. I think OP was trying to show she could afford it.

of all things that tell everybody "hi, im important!" you got a perm!? you could just put some ******* pictures in your foyer and they think you're a millionare.

Surely there are better ways to show you're doing well? A classy dress...A nice pair of heels...a decent handbag?

luvlifeyolo 1

right? how the **** does getting a perm mean that at all

That she can afford to take care of herself? Idk

9- basic going rate for a perm is $50. If she wanted to show she can take care of herself I'm sure there were better ways to show that with under $100 Sucks for op but I don't feel too bad for her... Who the heck gets a perm anymore that isn't over the age of 50??

As a stylist I can say there are more people than you think who get perms including my sister in law who is under 30 but depending on the salon they can cost upwards of $200 for a long hair spiral perm be prepared to spend close to $500. Hint we charge so much cause we hate them. Almost every client i've gotten in my chair that wants a perm I discourage because a lot of the time the look they want can be achieved with just styling it, perms are frizzy, and crazy, and always require styling so you aren't saving time, and growing it out is a bitch.

I was just suggesting what might have been going through OP's mind, I don't think it really shows success.

nina21194 12

I got a perm... Awe :'( but my hair like ate the perm. I got two haha strongest there is :P

Oh, I guess my (naturally) straight hair means I'm doing terrible in life...your logic is horrible

I'd do anything for straight hair, I have a white-girl fro unless I straighten it. OP is crazy to think a hair style would make her look more or less successful, it's irrelevant.

Except for guys' hair. People don't assume the 50-year-old with the waist-long ponytail is making millions.

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Icejza_DaChilla 7

That's an interesting way to show that you've done well. Next time just buy a Louis Vuitton Handbag?

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BeforeItWasCool 12

Oh yes, I'll be in hysterics. The day my parents- who raised me, fed and clothed me for eighteen years- can't lift a glass themselves will be a wonderful day indeed.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Well, it'll still suck when anyone in the family can't take care of themselves. It'll be far from amusing!

So her brothers which are assumedly either slightly older or slightly younger than OP, will age and decay at an accelerated pace because they teased their sister for her dumb hair?

YDI for trying to mask your personal problems with your physical appearance. You're not deceiving anyone.

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Not the stylists fault, you must have told her you wanted it :/

jem970 19

A perm means you are doing well....? What century are we in? Perms are very outdated OP. especially for someone your age (which I am assuming you are young). Tight curl perms are for old ladies. Seriously. Just get high lights and call it good.

iamabamf 17

I'm sure you ladies have lovely hair. Naturally curly hair is much better looking than getting a perm.

I have a legitimate white girl fro that looks like a perm :,(

15 Century is a period of 100 years I think you mean decade.

73, while true this person is also correct. Perms were in fashion over a decade ago, which would technically make it 'last century'. Either way it's ridiculous for OP to expect a PERM to make her look successful. Maybe she should have just gone in for a styling like anyone else would for a big occasion. That's like going to the hairdresser and instead of asking for a trim asking for the Sinead O'Connor- the intentions seemed good but the thought process, not so much.

perdix 29

That's right 'cause Unemployed, single, fat loser with nice hair >> Unemployed, single, fat loser with clown hair. Good thing I took that course in Social Calculus.