By anonymous - 27/11/2014 03:33 - United States - Butler

Today, I thought I'd lost the ring that my boyfriend had given me, in the snow, in the dark. I spent a half hour with a flashlight searching every part of my driveway. The ring was on my kitchen windowsill the whole time. I took it off earlier to do dishes. FML
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Well the good thing is that you were originally careful with it, and thanks to that, you still have it! :D


Well the good thing is that you were originally careful with it, and thanks to that, you still have it! :D

tehaustiebear 34

I once lost car keys in the same way, and found the best solution would was to wait for the snow to melt, of get some salt to speed up the process, and then search the ground for it later. It could spare you a pair of frozen hands and a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you lost your keys, you wouldn't attempt to look for them immediately? I'd be paranoid that someone else would find them in my driveway and either steal my car or have access to my house since my car and house keys are on the same keychain. I'd do the same if I thought I lost my ring there too. Who knows if a random person would find it before I got the chance to search for it?

flowerpowergirl 10

Also, they might get rusty if you leave them too long..

Well, that turned out alright. It could've been worse... lost in the snow... in the dark...

At least you didn't lose it on your finger :) that's something I would do.

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It takes quite a bit of skill to do that.

Come On! You're a woman the kitchen is the first place you should have looked.

Not only is that an old and worn out saying, but it reinforces very negative stereotypes so do everyone a favor and stop saying it (or writing it if you want to be exact). Thanks

Haha! It's funny because misogyny. Hilarious! I realise that was supposed to be a joke, but jokes are meant to be funny, and that one isn't. I'd strongly recommend taking it out of your repertoire.

Looks like you found your sanity along with it.

Greenteamextreme 16

Indeed. And now Op has an intimate knowledge of their entire driveway.

It's great to see that you value it so much, you're a very kind person, and karma always comes back (you found it)! Glad the ring is alright OP.

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