By brooklyn0118 - 12/09/2018 15:00

Today, I got home to find my dog had found and eaten my wedding rings. I get married in 2 days. FML
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Looks like you’re gonna be a gold-digger for the next few days.

Don't worry, you'll get them back in time.


Don't worry, you'll get them back in time.

Emma Marshall 19

If they're lucky.... probably need surgery

You’ll get it back. However as much as you may want to hide it don’t. Had a friend who did and was waiting for the ring to pass. Didn’t tell the SO. He was being nice and walked the dog as he thought she was sick. She sucks at lying to a medical level of discomfort. Well after she freaked and they took the dog to the vet. Guess what no ring, also she thought the dog was stopped up since she wouldn’t poop for her (because he was walking her). Well after she finally confessed what happened he told her he was walking the dog. So yeah CYA lead to a worse FML.

awildwhisper 30

Each poop will be greeted with great enthusiasm.

BigSloppyMeowMix 9

I guess you'll have to wait for them to come out the other end. Sorry, OP.

nubs 22

that is going to be a shitty situation for the next few days

You'll face many challenges in your marriage. Don't worry, this too shall pass.

Ewww... doggie enema... bet he wouldn’t sit still for that