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Today, a woman somehow managed to drop her wedding ring into the garbage at the fast food place where I work. I had to search through a full bag of half eaten food and soda to find it. FML
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fallsupstairs 6

Why didn't she go through the trash herself?

kickazz16 15

Shit happens, but hey you were kind enough to do it, so thanks for being a great person :)


You do know, #24, in this economy we take any job avaliable, or save money by going to McDonalds (or spend it), but thanks for being a bitch...

She dropped it, she should be the one doing the diving. If she drops her drink then you clear it up because it's your job to keep the place clean & tidy (I assume). If she loses her ring, why on earth should she expect that you would get it? Bloody cheek.

Stalkers 0

It's her fault, her ring, and she should have gotten the ring herself.

D37H100 5

This is where id start looking for another job. No way id go through garbage for a ring thats not mine.

I'd find it, put it in my pocket, and say that I couldn't find it. If she doesn't want to look for it herself, it's not important to her.

Yeah, +2 brownie points for being a good person and doing it.

monkeys1315 0

Ops boss probably made him do it. I work as a waitress and I know my boss would make me do that if a customer dropped something.

37 did you know that you can buy groceries and make your own meals? you'd spend like 4-5 dollars at mcDonald's for a meal when you could buy a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread for the same amount of have meals for a few days.

#90 You do know I put "(or spend it)" on my comment, right? ¬___¬

wow... I bet that wasn't in the job description. Would have just pulled out the bag, tied the mouth, and handed it to her. Technically would be giving back the ring.

I would have thought KFC. Aren't they the ones who are "finger licking good"?

TheRealHouse 7

Troll I think that was the first time you actually made me lol.. comment matches the goofy grin in profile pic too

you should give her props for caring so much about her marriage not just hate on her.

It doesn't take much care to have someone else retrieve your item of value. If she cared about it she would either not lose it or would be prepared to get it herself.

Here's what I would consider caring about my marriage: fishing it out myself (unless store policy wouldn't let me)

kickazz16 15

Shit happens, but hey you were kind enough to do it, so thanks for being a great person :)

cupcakesnpot 9

Agreed #4! What I'm wondering is if they found it?..

orangeduck 6

I think OP states at the end it took a garbage full of half eaten food and sodas to find that sucker. Not sure though might have that double meaning.

cupcakesnpot 9

Yeah I think you are right #8 somehow I missed that one.

Keep it! One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Why would you take someone's wedding ring? Do you have any moral values?

One down side to that is, I can easily picture that lady going through the trash herself, finding her ring, and strolling out leaving an even bigger mess behind to be cleaned up by others.

rudegirlmania 10

Exactly. Her mistake, not yours. OP should've told her to feel free to dig. Maybe that would've given her the experience of doing something herself for once (since she went to him for help instead of fixing her mistake).

Jess1008 4

Usually they give you a pair of gloves and make you do it yourself, cus it's not the workers' fault she threw it away.

For real, it's her ring...she should find that shit herself.

fallsupstairs 6

Why didn't she go through the trash herself?

How the hell do you drop your ring in the garbage?

Maybe the ring was too small and she needed to get it sized? I don't know. All I know is that OP is cool :)

jessesgirl14 16

If the ring fell off then wouldn't it be too big? O.o

prince122 0

So much avenged sevenfold ,,/_ _,,/

Buttsexpirate 9

I guess you were "down in the dumps" hahahaha... I'm sorry

fallsupstairs 6

Why did you feel the need to repeat previous comments...

Sorry, I walked away from the computer for a minute and my 8 year old brother posted that. Hence the repeating of an earlier comment.

ckyorelse 18

11 why do you feel the need to be a douche?

saIty 17