By meggiemouse - 09/07/2011 18:00 - United States

Today, marks the seventh day of having my nose pierced. I'd done everything I was supposed to do, even sleeping with a band-aid over it. This morning, I woke up to my piercing being ripped out by my pillow, and the band-aid nowhere in sight. FML
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Your pillow has a vendetta out for you. Sleep with one eye, or nostril, open.

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sounds like youre a violent sleeper


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That Sucks

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what kind of pillow does OP have?

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sounds like youre a violent sleeper

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that's nasty

Wait so you woke up while your pillow was attacking you?

did you eat the band aid, I hear they're high in protein

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I have had both of my nostrils pierced for about 6 months. neither of them has ever fallen out or been pulled out, ever. what the hell are you doing in your sleep!? and FYI, band-aids can #1 trap bacteria, causing infection, and #2 pull the piercing out when you remove the band, not a good more careful next time OP.

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Maybe they pulled it out themself. My family is full of sleep walkers and talkers. My sis is the worse, shes a thirsty sleep walker. I caught her trying to get water out of the toilet in her sleep once, she said she was "thirsty". Another time she drank a bottle of perfume in her sleep.

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I had my nose pierced for about 6 months, ripped it out countless times, I know how you feel OP! I ended up taking it out I was so sick of putting up with the pain. And yes I did it in my sleep a lot too...

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118, if you go to a reputable piercer, you can get your nose pierced with a barbell with a push-fit end instead of a nostril screw. the barbells can't be pulled out unless you yank it REALLY hard. I've got an L-bar in one nostril and a barbell in the other...thankfully I've never had the misfortune of either one falling/being pulled out (the barbell'd one healed a lot faster though).

maybe your thinking about it too much op. stop worrying about your piercing and you won't pull it out while your sleeping.

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Yeah that would make a lot more sense to have the barbell over the L-pin. Ah well, live and learn.

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lol, yeah...I didn't even know those barbells existed til I got pierced with one. so I'm happy to share the knowledge. c:

141, if you go to a reputable piercer they'll tell you to completely avoid those barbell things, and yes, I've had my nose pierced for nearly three years, done in one of the most reputable places in the country and the guy went on for five minutes about how shit they are and how they just rip your piercing open when you change the jewellery

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195, must not be the same kind of barbell. was your piercer a member of the APP like mine was? probably not...because guess what, I can remove & replace the barbell just fine. if you have trouble with it, go to the piercer to have the jewelry changed (which is better to do with a piercing like that anyway). I don't appreciate being bashed for trying to help someone who had a problem, thanks.

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also 195, you're in Ireland and I'm in America. so I don't know how different your jewelry over there is. but you're probably thinking of some kind of externally threaded barbell, which would without a doubt injure the piercing upon removal/insertion. the kind I'm talking about has no threading; one ball is attached to the hollow barbell and the other ball is a push-in, so you don't even have to twist it. I don't know why your piercer would tell you that something like that would be bad.

Your pillow has a vendetta out for you. Sleep with one eye, or nostril, open.

I wasn't aware you could close your nostrils?

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dude where have u been? under a rock?

My nostrils can play the piano. OP, magnets do not make good pillows.

someone probly pulled it out

oh yes... it was the elfs... the nose ring stealing elfs...

sounds reasonable

yeah I agree with 5. it seems to me that someone is definitely messing you

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Yes, the nose ring-stealing elves are collaborating with the underpants gnomes. Phase 1: Collect nose rings Phase 2: ????? Phase 3: Profit!


phase 2 was eliminating the tollhouse cookie elves... THEYRE EVIL I TELL YA!!!

that's what I was saying!

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Bad plank 85. Baaaaad plank...


thats a weak plank u have in ur picture

5- Judging by your picture and your stupid comment I conclude that you're a dumbass.

I agree people, one of my early stage planks. and yes I'm a dumbass? cause I'm serious about what I was saying

that's why you don't use you're pillow as a tissue :P

are you saying that op doesn't sleep hanging from his feet?

of course not, who doesn't?

Ouch! I woulda put two on, like in a cross style for safe measures.

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yeah except putting even one band-aid on a piece of jewelry (especially in a fresh piercing!) that has no secure end will #1 trap bacteria around it which could lead to infection and #2 pull out the jewelry when said band-aid is removed. if you know you toss and turn a lot in your sleep (at least to the point that something like this could happen), a nose piercing probably isn't for you.

That would hurt.

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really?? I never thought that would hurt, thank you captain obvious!

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D: that sounds extremely painful!

nyaannn!!!! i bet im gonna bet thumbed down for being a troll : (

nyaan! bet im gonna get thumbed down for being a troll : (

oh no i didnt mean to do more than one FML. (please dont thumb this down as well)

I thumbed you up just because you said that. haha well just get it pierced again and don't sleep until it heals.

Unfortunately this has happened to me, too. Aside from the band-aid but all you gotta do is find it, clean it off, and put it back in. No need to get it repeirced.

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does it hurt getting your nose pierced? I really want to get a tiny stud in my right nostl

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It's a piercing, through your nose, what do you think?

my piercings in my ears didn't hurt :P

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39: read my replies to #1. 80: it's not bad at all (no piercing is as bad as you think it'll be...except ear cartilage. those ******* suck). I've got both of mine done, and both times it hurt a little but mostly my eyes watered a LOT, lol. so if you want it, go for it! and make sure you ask the piercer how to mix a sea salt solution and how to clean the piercing with it. if the piercer tells you to use bactine or ear care, they do NOT know what they're talking about and in that case, I'd suggest going to and contacting elayne angel. good luck!

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See I disagree I've got a conch piercing and I'd take that over a nose piercing anyday. I hate that particular brand of pain, nose pain. Regular, stock standard pain does me just fine ;-)

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Oh and you can buy saline from any chemist. I find it helpful in those pre packaged squeezy bottles!

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180, everyone experiences piercing pain differently. I have 7 cartilage piercings and IMO an industrial sucks to get WAYYYYYYYYY more than a nostril. yet my daith hurt more to get than my industrial. so eh. my point is nothing's really as bad as you anticipate, and even then, it's still not unbearable. and when you get it over with you feel all good about yourself, lol.

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Yeah, I just hate when people ask if piercings/tattoos hurt. Yes they hurt, they always hurt, it's just how you deal with the pain...

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DUDE I know. I constantly have people asking OMG DON'T THOSE HURT!? and when I'm like "well they hurt a little to get but I never feel any of them and I have 27 piercings" people are blown away. especially when I mention that I forget I have a tongue piercing all the time, hahaha.

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one more thing...non-iodized sea salt is way better than saline.

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that really sucks. I've had mine pulled out before but never pulled out by a pillow :/

yeah me too. pillow sounds a bit unlikely :/

I don't think it's the pillow more like you itched it in your sleep while it was healing

maybe she has a teenage mutant ninja turtle pillow? cus I know I do :p