By S. - 26/08/2012 16:20 - Estonia

Today, I bought a pack of toothpicks. There were 500 of them. When I got home I accidentally dropped the pack. After twenty long minutes of picking them up, I dropped them again. FML
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That's too bad. Did you count all of them to make sure you didn't lose any?

deathpotato 11

A firm grip usually fixes that problem.


Wow. What a horrible event in your life lol

MichellinMan 20

^ how?

32 - It was sarcastic, is picking up 500 toothpicks twice really that bad compared to other FMLs?

Couldn't she just have collected them all with a broom which would be much faster and buy a brand new pack that is clean from floor germs?

That's too bad. Did you count all of them to make sure you didn't lose any?

My apologies. I didn't see your post when I made my comment.

that's an intense game of pick-up-sticks right there.

Inheritance 10

Did she pick them up one at a time? Because I neglect to see how it takes 20 minutes to pick them up if she did handfuls.

lol new game called 500 pickup. Op seems to love it

Tooth picks are sharp too. Step on one and that will hurt for awhile. I think OP needs to was the butter of their hands before they attempt carrying them again. Haha.

181- I don't know what kind of toothpicks you use, but the ones I'm used to (if dropped) would stay flat on the ground as opposed to sticking straight up.

deathpotato 11

A firm grip usually fixes that problem.

Oh and learning from your mistakes :)

SuaSponte 1

Firmly grasp it in your hand. Firmly grasp it. FIRMLY GRASP IT!

What problem cannot be solved by a firm grasp?

Wouldn't she have like a thousand splinters from a firm grip?

I prefer Kung fu grip to a firm grip.

gmc_blossom 21

50- I was thinking that exact same thing. xD

itsame0987 18

It's okay op, I always seem to get butter fingers when I'm tired. At least I haven't dropped anything valuable or breakable.

celine21_fml 0

Haha I love smart ass comments


Took me a minute to figure out where that was from, and then I laughed out loud when I realised.

Well, can't use those ones.

blcksocks 19

Don't be too picky #4

Well I wouldn't pick the ones that got dirt on them.

105- how dirty is your floor that you wouldn't even consider using a toothpick ?

Call me a germophobic...

#110, OP is way past the 5-second rule.

5 second rule is food. We're not eating the picks. Just picking food from teeth. If your a germaphobe then I get it. I just don't see it as a big deal. But if something is stuck on it then ya, I would throw it out too.

You do realise that tampons come in a packets right? So all of them would be fine to use

For some reason I thought the post was about tampons ignore me

cheetahbaby96 8

140- How do you derive tampons from toothpicks?

Also, why on earth would someone buy a 500-count pack of Tampons??

Perhaps they were on sale. I'd guess you can save a few bucks if you buy in bulk.

48 don't you mean don't be tooth picky

Omg. At least you won't drop them again!

How do you KNOW she won't drop them again? Hm.

Psych101 9

99- I thought your comment was kind of obvious, but then I imagined the person in your profile picture saying it. I laughed.

Never gonna give you up!

MichellinMan 20

Never gonna let you down, never gonna run around, and desert you!

Did I just get Rick rolled on FML?

MichellinMan 20

^ indeed you did, sir.

gmc_blossom 21

Today, I got rickrolled on FML. FML.

Those picks were meant for dropping, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these picks are gonna drop all over you...

I wish FML would let me favourite specific comments.

Not only did this comment make me laugh out loud, it also made me start reading it to a specific tune, which made me want to move my body to the music in my head... Thanks for temporarily turning me into a psych patient.

Saryrr 3

I'm thinking of Shrek right now.

"I don't always comment on FML, but when I do, even Jesus laughs" -williamcarter93

Do you really need that many toothpicks though?

Maybe they're hosting a fancy party and wants to put little cheese cubes on them? There's tons of reasons to need that many toothpicks.

In that case it's pretty gross that she picked them up from the ground.

Usually toothpicks are bought in a large quantity. Doesn't take a big box to hold 500. But takes forever to pick them all up. really sucks op. bet you missed a few too. Don't worry though. You'll find them at 3 am while looking for a snack. Stuck in your foot.

ambylyn2010 3

Maybe she picked them up the first time to throw them away. Wouldn't just leave 500 toothpicks lying in the floor!!

gmc_blossom 21

One doesn't simply have too many toothpicks.

Maybe OP is building a model ship with them.

126 - does one complicatedly have too many toothpicks? ;)

I use them to test if certain foods are done, mainly baked goods. So of I'm doing a lot of baking I can go through that many pretty quickly. But like someone else already pointed out, that's kind of how they are sold. Not to mention they don't go bad. So it's not uncommon for someone to buy that many.

Make sure you count every single one. Wouldn't want to miss one...

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Once is bad, but twice? FEEL FOR YA bro