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Today, I untied the rope that was tied to my dog's collar because it was wrapped around the tree choking him. He immediately ran off down the street. I had to chase him barefoot in my boxers for 20 minutes till he got tired. FML
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lol the dog got tired before you did? either ur really fit or u have a crap dog!


I haaaaate when my dog runs away. I've just stopped running after her and she comes home after like ten minutes.

first comments are gay. + i would run away from the person who choked me too!

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Someone's just jealous! :O hahaha jk

lol fml and no one gives a shy about first.

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Seriously! The more you chase them the further away they run. They think it's a game haha.

you must be realy fit to run after a dog and not be worn out before the dog was, can you run dowm my street in your boxers? ;P joke :)

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mmmmm a guy runnin in boxer.... if you are sexy this aint a FML to me!!! :P loll

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wer iz my commentz? @31 nice pic (i picked a randum num cuz anti flood... so ignore)

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wrong place fo my comment, sorry :/

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When I had a dog he would always run away too and he almost died one time when he tried to run away. He broke free of his rope but it was still hanging on his neck and he went through the trees on the hill in our backyard and was caught on one of the trees and was choking all night he couldn't even bark. Next morning we saw him choking on a tree and cut him off. He was too scared to run away for like 2 days.

Hey Op. it's bullshit you tying your dog to a tree. You don't deserve a dog. If you have to keep a dog tied outside don't get a dog. I have two large dogs and they are in the house where they belong.

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I didn't know you can type as much as my story was sorry for wasting space.

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Where do your dogs go the bathroom, 56? My dogs get tied up outside when they need to use the bathroom.

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hahaha 7 you were first just now but you're not gay huh. as you said, 'first comments' not "first" comments. :p

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hey I have like 5 dogs 2 are inside and 3 are outside 2 of the 3 are chained up because they like to jump the fence but they have long leashes always fresh water and food and very big dog houses so there's nothin wrong with it I even let them off for like 20 minutes a day but it's sort of like training your dog. either stay in the yard or get tied up all my other days went through the same process and OP if your dog isn't a threat to others and will just run around and the pound isn't an issue just call him in go back in the house he'll return in like 10 minutes.

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at any rate 56, he didn't say he tied him to the tree. he said the rope that was on his collar somehow got wrapped around the tree and he had to let him loose cuz he was chocking. and even tho. besides, depending on where u live like maybe california, ur dog could survive perfectly happy outside. u kno like how they used to live before humans domesticated them.

60 my dogs are outside all the time with us. They get out at least five times a day and they play until they want inside. I guess I misspoke a little. I don't have a problem with outside dogs if they are NOT tied up. I feel that's unfair to them being tied to a tree or stake. If you have a fenced in yard that's perfect for them.

You are an idiot. I hope you never own dogs again.

Reason I detest dogs being perm tied outside is that a lot of times they get forgotten. Family all inside having fun and poor fido outside tied to a tree with no food or water because every one forgot to Feed and water him.

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It's called house-training. Animals aren't stupid. They learn routine and are able to let you know when they need to 'go'. If it's been done the proper way.

56: IMO, your situation could be more cruel than OP's. It's difficult to make sure big dogs get enough exercise if they're always inside. I hate seeing dogs spend all of their time tied up outside too, and if that's the case, it is neglect. Often results in an uncontrollable and aggressive animal, too, which is totally the owner's fault. However, some people have to tie their dogs up when they let them out to exercise alone. A number of uncontrollable factors could prevent OP from having a dog-proof fence, and I've seen lead rigs for dog runs that still give the dog room to run and play. Obviously someone was watching this dog. If the dog is always tied up, they'd probably move him to somewhere away from trees and such, to prevent having to bother with watching and freeing him all the time.

Whoops, I missed 88 the first time. My apologies, as your situation sounds very healthy. The rest of my points stand, though.

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@37, I agree with you, it must've been sexy! unless the op isn't then its a fml...

I did that once too. Except when I did it i was chasing him through the woods barefoot for twenty minutes and you don't see me complaining.

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In Soviet russia, Dog walks you! Exept you were in Arizona. Still you get the point :D

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In soviet Russia, dog chases you in boxers for 20 minutes.

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hmm it's kinda a family guy thing. also you have to understand what soviet Russia was about if you care do some reading on them during the WW1 and WW2 and the cold war eras then look up those family guy episodes you'll understand.

lol the dog got tired before you did? either ur really fit or u have a crap dog!

humans are actually meant to run down animals one of the reasons we sweat. an animal HAS to stop and pant to cool down

humans are actually biologicaly designed for running down animals. they have to stop and pant to cool down where as we sweat. we're endurance runners

hmm.. happens I guess.. it wasn't there at first

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in soviet russia, the dog is dinner.

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u look extremly lik Olivia O'lovely

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haha ... my dog use make us chase her ! the more we ran the more she did also