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By SoulStormIV - 12/05/2016 03:03 - United States - Castle Rock

Today, I thought it would be nice to take my obese dog for a walk, since she hasn't had one in a long time. She was doing great, until we were about a mile from our house. She plopped down on the ground and wouldn't move. Nobody was home so I had to carry her all the way back to our house. FML
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If your dog is obese you should have started off with a shorter walk and try feeding t a healthy amount.

that's what you get for letting your dog become obese. he got his workout for the day, now it's your turn.


Lizza330 28

I thought you were supposed to walk dogs every day?

Shadowvoid 33

While a good and dedicated dog owner would, some people don't have the time to. Depending on which breed of dog you have, it can be OK not to walk them as often. Now why OP would take an obese dog on a walk more than a mile long, i have no idea. I'm not going to blame OP for making the dog obese, but the problem lies somewhere.

I don't walk my dog often. His preferred method of exercise is chasing a ball in the backyard.

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You are, doesn't matter what breed your dog is. At least that is my opinion. It's not just about the physical exercise but also the mental one, where the dog gets to sniff to new smells etc. I even think that you need to walk your dog at least twice a day, for it to be fully stimulated, but I think the way we keep dogs are very different from country to country.

#7 I get that some people don't have time however if they don't have time to walk it regularly, why get a dog? It's not fair on the animal

If your dog is obese you should have started off with a shorter walk and try feeding t a healthy amount.

that's what you get for letting your dog become obese. he got his workout for the day, now it's your turn.

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Not sure why you're getting doe voted so much. All you did was point out a simple error in their comment.

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Aren't dogs meant to be walked daily? YDI for neglecting your dog and letting her get so unhealthy.

Yes the should multiple times a day. We used to walk 3 times a day when my aunts dog was staying at our place

Damn how big was the dog and about hae far did you walk it each time

Not that big but she was really active and liked to go outside for a walk or chase the ball during a walk. Some walks where only a couple of minutes and sometimes 30 minutes or longer

It depends. They need to be exercised daily, but not necessarily taken out on a walk. There are other ways to exercise a dog. We don't have sidewalks out where we live so we don't take them for walks when the roads are icy and we also live where it rains for much of the year and even the dogs don't want to be out in it when it's pouring. Because we can't get out to take them for walks often during the winter, we have a treadmill they are trained to use. We'll also wear them out with games they like such as tug of war or fetch down the hallway or even just learning something new. Mental exercise is just as important and can help wear a dog down enough to take the edge off even without physical exercise. During warm weather, they may not go on walks, but get taken to the local park or taken on hiking trails or to a friend's house or out to the pastures to chase a ball on the long line or any number of things. Just going out in the boat will wear them out because of the mental stimulation from the experience and from having to keep their balance the entire time we're on the water. They both hate swimming, but other dogs love it and it's also a great form of exercise that has the bonus of being very easy on joints. We used to take our old guy with bad elbows to the beach below the house to swim. Walks aren't necessary, as my very muscular and fit dogs can show, but some form of exercise is.

Aw maybe try to keep your pet a little healthier. They're your best friends & they rely on you for feeding them well & exercising them daily. Dogs aren't just for fun they come with responsibility!

Just take it day by day and don't feed her too much, it gets easier if walk her everyday and keep her on a normal diet.

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Yes the dog needs the exercise, but probably shouldn't have walked so far until the dog lost some of that weight first.

Jesus why the hell would you have a dog if you cant even be bothered to make time to walk it, get a goddamn cat or other pet that you don't actually need to walk

my 2 rottweiler dogs are both perfectly healthy and they don't go for walks... not every owner who doesn't walk their dogs are bad we don't walk our dogs for the safety of other animals.

And now your dog knows that whenever she feels lazy, all she has to do is plop down and you will carry her ... In all seriousness, major lifestyle changes take time and should be a gradual process. Try smaller walks. Also, don't use food as a treat or reward, but try belly rubs/affection instead.

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Dogs, like people, have their physical limits. After so long of not going on a walk, her legs probably hurt, her lungs, etc. If I were the dog suddenly taken out on a long ass walk I couldn't do I'd go "**** this" too.