By Derps - 04/05/2011 09:11 - Denmark

Today, my mother said she called our internet provider, and told them to cancel it. In rage, I left for a friends house for a couple of hours. When I got home, she told me she was joking, and wanted me out of the house so she could eat all the ice-cream. FML
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I scream, you scream. You screamed so she could have icecream!


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catrav77 0

EXACTLY what I was thinking.

iAmScrubs 19

OP's mom sounds like a grizzly bear.

Maybe OP plays WOW. If that's so, then he didn't overreact at all. At least he didn't stick a remote up his asshole. He did the casual, "Fuck you mom," and walked away.

catrav77 0

um I don't think "in rage" implies that he walked out casually.

Hm, I didn't know I implied a "casual walkout", but a casual **** you mom. Maybe I should have said "...and walked away in a fit of rage." My apologies for not being clear.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Ohh 19 I love the reference. +1 for you.

arandomer 0

what's usual about saying "**** you mum" ?? any child who says that to their mum deserves to be slapped and thrown out of their house.

I'd be pretty angry if all of a sudden I was without internet. but I wouldnt freak out.

iReadFmlsFml 0

How the hell is this an FML, the real FML would be "Today, my mom ate all the ice cream in the house... FML."

LoveCali 0

LMFAO.!Referencing "Yes Man" What Did He Call Me.?Lol:)


Daerauko 0

does OP pay for the internet, no? then **** him for being an overreactive ungrateful bitch. his mother can choose to not have Internet. at least she still allows him in the house.

iAmScrubs 19

57- I am very sorry mister. Please don't eat me.

70- He said CASUAL not usual. Read the comment completely before responding next time.

staceysgenesis16 0

yeah thats too much of an overrrreeaction..

Why did she need him out of the house to eat ice cream? Her house, her ice cream.

zakkyzebra 11

1, your pic resembles a tampon. That is what I expect the reaction of a tampon to be if it were to react.

89 is a moron. If I had no internet access, I wouldn't be able to get through college. I'm a computer science student, so in order for me to get work done at home, I need the internet. Besides if my parents did cancel the internet, I'd tell them I'm dropping out, and I'll buy my own internet, easily affordable with my job.

With the amount of thumbs down 89 has, I'm assuming there are an awful lot of basement-dwelling sponges in the comment section.

I would have done the same leave b4 it got out of control, I would rage hard.

What if your Internet was gone you would not be here

TinyDude 10

op's mom is so ******* win!!!

MeowingKat 0
staceysgenesis16 0

wow OP ur mom wins .. although you are pathetic ...

gabstahhh 8

I scream, you scream. You screamed so she could have icecream!

Be objective. If it was like Haàgen-Dazs or Ben and Jerry ice cream you could call her a selfish bitch for not wanting to share. If if's not, she's still purely greedy

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

What if the plan back-fired, and OP grabbed the ice-cream to cure his depression?

why was this necessary? do you guard the ice cream?

neil103091 0

and you didnt bother to check if you still had connection?

Fun fact: if an Internet subscription is canceled in anyway that isn't from non-payment, the service is downgraded to the most basic until someone can come out to disconnect the line(about 1week to 1 month depending on the company). So if OP's mom did cancel service, the connection would still be there. I've worked for multiple Internet companies and it's all the same.

bhurberry 0

are you sure she just wanted to eat ice cream? haha.. she mustve really called the internet guy but for another reason :))

yungstory 0

lmfao right... cable guy hookin up more than jus the Internet he turned into the plumber nd layed pipe too hahaha

NoahStaz 3
Spartacus 8

it's just Internet kid. learn to live without it

rebecca_marie_21 0

Learn to live without ice cream too,

actually most schools do all their work online. in every class I have taken this year all my work has been through an online website. I would be super pissed if my parents did that because that would mean I can't get my work done unless I stayed at school everyday. maybe OP is in the same situation

Well it is unknown, and I hate to assume... but chances are, he was upset because he could no longer play games online. If it was for hw purposes, he could go to the library or to the school.

what eves kid. you realize that without the internet you couldnt have posted that comment? yahh good one bud.

you did read the whole thing right? his mum said she was joking

yeah also we have iPods and iPads and smartphones and shit now.. and people can link onto other people's wireless.

death943 10

Everyone is acting like they actually do their homework at all.

urmomsmeatstick 0

you have the best mom in the world. for mothers day you should freeze some mud in a carton of ice cream and give it to her as a gift. other brown chunky deposits would also make an excellent substitute

if no internet throws you into a rage, then ydi...big time.

Buy more ice-cream? Really, you didn't have to react like that. -.-

thebestof1984 0

He didn't rage because of the ice cream, he was pissed she canceled the internet.

Yeah, I know. He still overreacted, though. :/

BellaGoBoom 6

Says you. All my homework is online. I wouldn't freak, but I'd be a little pissed. Although, after she said it was a joke, he should have calmed his lil ass down.