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  LexBvl  |  4

I don't see a problem there, stop being such a picky want his company? make sure that wifi is up and running. life is a give and take.

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

so... What's NW2? New warfare 2? Lol j/k. I had 2. MW2 is of course cod... she was probably aware of that & meant especially since he plays... or if he plays it while she is around? I know... reaching. But we can't make girls look like we don't know COD! That's the Game! I got a ps3 just 4 that... Ok, I had it on the wii & got the ps3 4 FFXIII... & GTAIV... But it's a great game! Especially when the Move comes out. I'll get 2 shoot ppl w a gun in my hand! (not a real gun, but still, it'd feel like I was actually there, especially w the great graphics of the ps3) & I don't have 2 worry about being killed in real life. I regenerate when I die... See, girls play videogames too!!!

  ZleveL  |  0

45 and 96 agreed. I played cod4 after a day of mw2 it was heaven I got no lag, barely noob tubes and it was actually FUN. and don't get me started on halo :) best game evar

  Jake951716  |  0

47 you are retarted. ps3 players all suck. the FIRST TIME I played the game it was on a ps3. my k/d was 26/10 or something around that. 360 gameplay is a lot harder/better because people actually try.

  Edokun  |  0

#96, halo 3 ODST is great due to you also get halo3 with it xD i love the spartain laser! and also my second faveroute weapon on halo3 has to be.... the needler & the best granade in my opinion is the plasma granade because you cant run away from it xD

  U_idiot  |  1

haha agreed.. shitty hosts! just wait til black ops comes out, he'll never stop playing!

on a side note, I'll be moving in with my gf soon, can't wait to finally have cable Internet!

  JimmyWeir  |  0

hahaha if I were him I would just watch the porn then and wait until she was done downloading it to play again.

then I would demand sandwitches and blowjobs for the rest if the day,

By  7g23  |  0

Love him and cherish him, he is of a superior race, a gamer. But if you want him to do anything you want when he's not gaming, Time Warner just increased their standard high speed connection to 15mbps.