By devigsgirl - 26/08/2010 04:08 - United States

Today, I found out that the only reason my boyfriend wants to move in with me is so he has better internet connection and won't get kicked off of Xbox live while playing MW2. FML
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Don't let him move in. That's called using you. You should be valued more than that.

LMAO nothing can help you from getting kicked in MW2. >.


I don't see a problem there, stop being such a picky want his company? make sure that wifi is up and running. life is a give and take.

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That's understandable. NW2 = Sex.

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dude mw2 is the shit! i got pissed tough i was one kill from a nuke and i got noob tubed ****

I agree with #15 #25 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is what OP is talking about

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so... What's NW2? New warfare 2? Lol j/k. I had 2. MW2 is of course cod... she was probably aware of that & meant especially since he plays... or if he plays it while she is around? I know... reaching. But we can't make girls look like we don't know COD! That's the Game! I got a ps3 just 4 that... Ok, I had it on the wii & got the ps3 4 FFXIII... & GTAIV... But it's a great game! Especially when the Move comes out. I'll get 2 shoot ppl w a gun in my hand! (not a real gun, but still, it'd feel like I was actually there, especially w the great graphics of the ps3) & I don't have 2 worry about being killed in real life. I regenerate when I die... See, girls play videogames too!!!

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what a noob and MW2 Is gay. Go back to cod4

ps3 ftw oh an op deservs it for not buying her bf a ps3... poor guy has to play on an xbox :'-(

25# cod the fish is so epic I hits soap with cod fish with my skeleton ghost

true the fml should say, i got a xbox Fml


wow somebody who isn't a dumbass and knows what the hell they're talking about and can actually spell xbox right fyl

battlefield 2 beats mw2 hands down. although I'm excited for the new cod :)

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well can you blame him? it sucks getting kicked especially when your about to get a nuke!!!

now I must your life sux and screw all you noob tubers

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can i move in? i have bad connection too :(

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mw2 is all we do in Iowa... that and farming haha! at least southeastern Iowa...

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its understandable, mw2 is laggy :D

No guy that chooses video games over real life is a keeper. And to boot it's one of the worst video games ever made.

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I got fall camo on intervention!!!

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that's messed up to just move in with her just for the wifi. I wouldn't do it

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Ugh, MW2 isnt that good, why are so many people addicted to it. FYL OP, your boyfriend is just a cheap scandal that used you as a tool.

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Oh yah, one more thing, this is NOT a MW2 fansite, so stop posting comments about how much you love it.

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45 and 96 agreed. I played cod4 after a day of mw2 it was heaven I got no lag, barely noob tubes and it was actually FUN. and don't get me started on halo :) best game evar

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the first comment said he was first to cum. as for the fml, that's a win in his part:)

actually he does have a ps3 that I got him for his bday. he doesn't like it

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its the same thing. mw2 is newer. and if u buy the map packs u get 4 maos from cod 4

AGREE, imagine being on the receiving end of a quickscope, Sasquatch jumps through the window, shoots, then runs away

MW2 is for 5 year olds that like noob toobs and mod controllers. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the shit now. then Halo Reach is gonna amazing.

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awesome game but FYL anyways

47 you are retarted. ps3 players all suck. the FIRST TIME I played the game it was on a ps3. my k/d was 26/10 or something around that. 360 gameplay is a lot harder/better because people actually try.

I agree with #45. MW2 Is gheyyyyy - dump him because he is obviously a raging **** xD

#45 agreed ^.^ but i am starting to get bored of CoD4 due to L4D2 =P iv always hated MW2.

#96, halo 3 ODST is great due to you also get halo3 with it xD i love the spartain laser! and also my second faveroute weapon on halo3 has to be.... the needler & the best granade in my opinion is the plasma granade because you cant run away from it xD

126 has to be one of the most idiotic comments I have ever read. it doesn't even make sense.

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whats his gamertag ill add him lol jks what an arswhole

Call Of Duty keeping unplanned pregnancies down since '04. haha

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ma gt is SkinTheSnake bitches

LMAO nothing can help you from getting kicked in MW2. >.

theres one solution! not playing a game that isnt even that fun

haha agreed.. shitty hosts! just wait til black ops comes out, he'll never stop playing! on a side note, I'll be moving in with my gf soon, can't wait to finally have cable Internet!

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WoW ... talk about douchiness

A better net connection isn't worth putting up with a whiny cow like you.

He's probably looking forward to the maid & laundry service too.

Maybe you should.. (puts on sunglasses) shut the fuckup and like it.. YEAHHHHHHHH!!

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That... (Puts on sunglasses) Was bad. YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!! seriously, leave the bad Horatio corniness to me.

Mw2 IS NOT as important as a gf...I CAN'T WAIT FOR mw3!!!

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hahaha if I were him I would just watch the **** then and wait until she was done downloading it to play again. then I would demand sandwitches and ******** for the rest if the day,

Love him and cherish him, he is of a superior race, a gamer. But if you want him to do anything you want when he's not gaming, Time Warner just increased their standard high speed connection to 15mbps.

MW2 is for losers. so are any of the new call of duty games.

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Metal Gear Online is the badass of tactical online multiplayer games.