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Today, I missed my bus by a minute. I called up my step-dad asking him if he could drive me because I had a test first period. After about calling him twenty times, and him not picking up, I saw him drive by the bus stop, pointing at me and laughing hysterically. FML
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Ok heres a trick its called pebbling tires, wait until you know he has a really important meeting, set his alarm clock thirty minutes ahead and than, go outside take off all the valve covers on his car, find small pebbles, and put them in so that it moves the middle thing to the side so you hear the air coming out of the tire, flat tires, no way to get to work thirty minutes late, than point and laugh or draw a picture of your face on the garage pointing and laughing with magic marker, also add a bitch in there too or something.


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Haha, you said "first period"

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Whenever my father ***** me over, I watch a bunch of Mitchel Davis videos whilst eating Chocolate-chip cookies. I reckon you do the same, Livelalive makes you happy.

Both your screen name and your love of Mitchell Davis make me happy. XD

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:D *Feels special* You don't see it, but I'm pretending to exchange a fist-pound with you. I don't usually give out imaginary fist-ponds to interweb strangers, but you like MGMT and Livelavalive, so I made an exception. Cookie?

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haha electriceel your my hero!!! hehe fish punds and cookies!! your a rockstar!!! <3

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Oh god 53 when I read the top part of your comment I had a little WTF moment..

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He's not funny, he's an asshole. Btw I'm the OP, I wasn't signed in when I posted it.


i like your dad. That something mine would do. It's all in good fun. Besides, years from no, you'll laugh at the crappy stuff your dad did to you, and he'll laugh at the crappy stuff you did to him.

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It's a troll. Notice the username. Ignore it. :P

But until then she can deal with a step dad that finds it hilarious to see her in trouble

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Ironically, NEWTROLLINTOWN is not hated at all by me. I welcome his comments. I really really wish Starchild would find a different website to pass the time, however..

Ok, you know that whole thing of "wish upon a star" and your wish comes true? Why isn't it working? Plenty of people are wishing ill upon Starchild...and he's still here! (with a fantastically girly name I might add)

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I also called my mom and she spoke to him and told me that he was ignoring me on purpose and didn't want to drive me. And he wasn't going to work because he's having problems with his job. He just drove by to be spiteful. And the next bus comes 20 minutes later. Did I answer all of your questions?

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That's just rude, now you know not to call him in a time of need.

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something about this was definitely exaggerated. or lied about.

that is so something my stepdad would do! long lost siblings? lol

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That's why I'm happy to have a biological father :)

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Biological fathers can be assholes too, ya know.. And stepdads can be great dads for that matter.. So STFU with your judgmental bullshit.

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Really, because being a Step-Parent makes someone bad? Where did you get that from, Cinderella? Just because it's your biological parent doesn't make them any better. I've known plenty of people whose biological parents have treated them badly.

Mine isn't. My mom is, but my dad is one of the greatest people of all time.

bill gates is your father!?!?! omg dude im your new best friend :D