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  Meowdisen  |  15

While I do think it's an important lesson to teach your child the importance of earning money, I feel as if 6 may be too young for them to understand that lesson properly. That is if you are actually making her earn the money instead of giving it to her for no reason.

  jellybean888  |  10

When I was 6 I got a quarter every week if I helped do dishes or really simple 6 year old chores. and I thought I was so rich lol. I'm just hoping that's what the parents mean by money. change not bills

  amberv61  |  22

My little sister uses real money to count with and play store. It's helping her learn different combinations of coins. That way when we actually take her to the store to use it like #17 said she can do it all by herself

  KittyHawkMarch  |  29

I couldn't agree more. I was given quite a lot of money when I was younger...I regret all the stupid things I bought with it as I'm now desperately trying to scrap together what little I can for school.

By  ChenEighty  |  20

Kids can be very objective. When I was around 4, I remember liking my father more because he was nicer, but as I grew I realized he was just a lazy ass who didn't discipline me. Safe to say I'm glad I'm with my mother instead.
If you're a good mother/father, it won't take long to be loved for the right reasons.

By  Im2Shy  |  16

If she's six and already got such a smart thinking pattern, get her to do some simple chores (like sweep) to earn her money. This might teach her a little bit of respect too.