Now I ain't saying she a gold digger...

By Anonymous - 26/09/2017 19:34

Today, I was forced to sit silently through my 20-year-old daughter's wedding to a man who is 8 years older than I am. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

Now she'll have two daddys.

You should've piped up at the part where they ask if anyone has any protests.


well you weren't really forced. you didn't have to go.

May the force be with you.....

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger...

How did you ever think of that?!?

I swear I wrote that BEFORE the title showed up. Honest!

What IS the title? It currently is showing as anonymous on the iOS version of the app, or at least it is for me.

The title is "Now I ain't saying she a gold digger..." As I mentioned before, I'm pretty certain I wrote my comment before the title showed up and not the other way around...

Lobby_Bee 17

Now she'll have two daddys.

N8ツm8 7


I feel your pain OP. I had to sit through my daughter's wedding to a guy who's very existence I hate. I detest every breath he takes and was praying that the tree they got married under was going to fall and kill him, No such luck

Do you have an actual reason for hating him? Because wishing death upon anyone is awful.

gobiteme2 34

How do really feel

A reason is guaranteed to exist, wheter you agree with it or not is what you're actually wondering.

I wouldn't say that wishing death on ANYONE is awful. There's a shitload of people the world would be better off without, and wishing someone would die isn't going to actually MAKE them die.

Do you really want to know? or were you just posting a reply

Yes, I really want to know. That's why I asked.

You should've piped up at the part where they ask if anyone has any protests.

EmDizzle2007 28

but if his objections were baseless, it wouldn't have mattered

EmDizzle2007 28

but if his objections were baseless, it wouldn't have mattered

If he makes her truly happy, why should you care about his age? Of course, it’ll be awkward when he starts calling you “Dad.”

Unless he's like 70, I don't really see a big problem. Sure, it's unusual but if they're happy, there's nothing wrong.

Isa_fml 20

20 year olds are so young though. I feel like there's a pretty good chance that this guy's either incredibly emotionally or socially stunted, or a flat-out predator. What could a man who's probably at least 50ish possibly be getting out of a relationship with someone so young, other than a person who's dependent on him that he can manipulate and control? It's creepy. I'm 30 and I'd never date a 20 year old. Why on earth would I want to? They're in a completely different place in terms of social and personal development and maturity, even if they are "technically" adults.

That's a lot of assumptions! I'm an older guy and I still have an optimistic outlook on life. I find many (not all) women close to my age are cynical and pessimistic. Women who have optimism that matches mine tend to be younger. I'm looking for a mutually respectful relationship where she influences my life as much as I influence hers. I'm not going to disqualify any consenting adult because of her age.

typhoonfire8 4

I really hope you're 12 op

Foxy4714 5

Uhm... oh that's not my daddy that's my father xD