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By unknown - 09/11/2010 02:25 - United States

Today, I met my boyfriend's whole family. Between them they had about 10 teeth. FML
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How dare you moderate my comment. All I asked is what's bad about it

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unless he has no teeth, this is not an fml for op

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Heeey....Easy with the redneck jokes. lol Not all of us have trouble with our tooth. lol

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Sigh....I was making a joke, guys. lol Besides the wisdom teeth, I still have every one. lol

Oh I thought you misspelled 'teeth' for 'tooth'. I didn't realise you meant it! ^^

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it's funny, though. Admit it. lol I may only have my little town here to use as a comparison, but most of the people living here take decent care of their teeth. Maybe OP's boy has some bad genetics. lol ....Wait, that could be a redneck thing too. lol

look on te bright side, it's a brand new experience to a ******* :)

They have summer teeth! Summer there, summer not. You would get it if you knew where I live...

so what? his family not having teeth should not change your feelings for him. You are not dating his family

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Shut the **** up. Rednecks hanged your kind so beware

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Yea delete my comment like a pussy you know it's true face the fact it will always haunt you forever and ever

haha the stereotypical southerns, but hey I heard at least they real friendly?

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Hey, at least they had some teeth!

it says florida, why doesnt it say alabama?

Haha, what if his family was just a bunch of babies? I dunno, the thought crossed my mind.

Idk why this was downvoted. This comment is amazing and made my day lol.

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haha, if you have more fingers than teeth, you might be a redneck!!

I don't know about you #9 but I personally have toes on my feet

It's not like you'll be kissing anyone besides your boyfriend right?!

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Rednecks usually share. It's an important part of their culture.

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After all how can we know if she's good enough for him if we've never tried her?

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It's not a family thing. it's more of a diversity issue. I know of some places where your only choices are to either date someone that has dated someone you are friends with or related to, or don't even try dating. Lol