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By over and over it - 19/03/2021 16:30 - United States

Today, I found out a guy I used to date is trying to get me fired from my dream job. He found an old flip phone with a text argument we had nearly 17 years ago. He wants me punished for things I said when I was an angry 15 year old-kid. HR is now looking into the whole thing. FML
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Please tell me they heard your side of the argument, you were 15, they can't hold that against you


Please tell me they heard your side of the argument, you were 15, they can't hold that against you

I would agree, but wouldn’t be shocked if the OP were dismissed though. Look how fast old tweets or Facebook posts come up when a college kid gets drafted to any professional league. Hell look how something said 20 years ago has gotten some in Hollywood in trouble.

and if this was 3 or 4 years ago, when people were more sensitive about what people said, I'd understand that, but an angry 15 year old rants at their ex over text, that should just be dismissed...what's the president on this going to come too...when he was 3 he said the n word and I have it right here on him? This is getting out of control.

I meant precedent*. not president...autocorrect for the lose yet agsin

professional sports, and hollywood are very high profile jobs. I doubt ops job is within that sphere. if they do let you go over something you did as a child I'd look into litigation.

Depending on where it is. Here in Virginia, it is a right to work state. Which means outside of discrimination they can fire you for anything they want or even nothing at all, they are not even required to give you a reason.

That's disgusting. Some of yalls laws are really fked up.

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Was your dream job being a Idol in South Korea

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find 9ld dirt on the bastard and go drop that on HR's desk stating you want him out due to that

HR is looking into you being mean to someone years ago? That makes no sense.

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Cancel culture isn't funny when it happens to you! Hopefully the texts are date/time stamped and HR will see how ridiculous it all is. Good luck to you

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Oh hell no...I would already have a lawyer involved. With his sensitive, male ego havin' ass...

look at it this way if he gets you fired go after him for getting you fired

I think we need a follow up here please :)

Some people just need to make others unhappy so that their own pathetic lives seems a little bit better.