By nean83 - 12/01/2013 05:11 - United States - Inglewood

Today, my dad was helping me move my stuff out. I'd asked my boyfriend to deal with my sex toys and lingerie, but still my dad showed up later at my new place, handed me a box full of them all, and simply said, "I don't want to know." FML
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That's a good Dad right there... He knew it was your business and he left it that way.. I'm sure he will be trying to forget about it anyway...

conqueror57 11

ALWAYS handle the important things yourself.


That's a good Dad right there... He knew it was your business and he left it that way.. I'm sure he will be trying to forget about it anyway...

Trying is the keyword. Succeeding? Well...

Osito2011 9

Nothing a few shots of alcohol couldn't cure.

90 - or just good old fashioned washing your eyes with soap.

Bet, Now he must wishing for a 'delete' button. Because i doubt he will forget that soon or ever!!

#107 I prefer the brain bleach

conqueror57 11

ALWAYS handle the important things yourself.

vencku 13

My thoughts exactly. Why would your boyfriend have to look after this stuff? Was this box so heavy and big you couldn't carry it?

She might have ALOT of sex toys... 0_o

35: And some of them might be HUGE

And this is why I always pach it in the trunk. (please at least one person on this forsaken internet community know why I spelled it like that,I will literally love you forever.)

46 - I chuckled at that.

Roguedork19 8

57 didn't really understand. They just wanted to be loved forever.

conqueror57 11

Then tape the box shut, label it "bedroom" and let someone else carry it. Who moves open boxes anyway?

I think op's box proves she can handle the important things herself.

What did your boyfriend have to say about that?! Cool Dad for not making a big deal about it.

nycwrestler 17

Your dad is chill as fuck.

I agree, my dad would flip the fuck out if my sister had those. I mean, she is considerably younger, but even hearing anything that relates to sex pains him. I don't really understand.

hockeychicl003 6

Dad's don't want to think about their "little girl" doing those type of things. Well that's my Dad but I assume other Dads are like that too

Yes 59. We're pretty much all like that.

My dad freaks out at me for laughing at dirty FML's or even non-dirty FML'S.

Thumbs up just for the pic

Sex toys are eeww to you? Then your sex life must be very boring and I feel sorry for your girlfriend. ;)

His right hand doesn't really mind.

jem970 19

Maybe 7 was refering to the fact that OP's dad now knows a lot about her sex life. That would be an ewww for me as well.

Roguedork19 8

If you're a guy and you thumbed down his "eewww" comment, then you probably don't know what it's like to be a father. Especially one who just had a mental pic of his little girl "all grown up."

I agree with 7 a bit...some those toys toys do look a bit crude and vile xD

dontpanic_fml 32

#64 FTL

tj5810 21

I'm sure his GF has plenty, assuming there is a GF.

N3766 20

You successfully gave him a mental image of his innocent little girl's sex life...

Well, you did get the best out of a bad situation! Your dad sounds really cool, mine would have flipped out if he found my naughty stuff!

yup93 7

this is how I see it. he could have asked and wanted all of the details (no idea why) but you would be in a way worse situation and then you would really be screaming "FML!" Be thankful.

There is something wrong if OP's dad is that interested in OP's sex life that he asks her about it...

KendallJ13 6

well that had to be mortifying!