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Today, I went to run an errand while my parents helped unpack boxes in my new house. When I returned, my dad said to me, "I wasn't going to say anything, but we 'did it.' I'll let you figure out which room." FML
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I think they took the term "house warming" the wrong way...

No harm done. They were just celebrating that you are moving out of their house. It is good to see thay still have some spark in their sex life. But if you really want to stir the pot just say "Not again. I played this guessing game last week when the neighbour came over to say goodbye."


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At least you can't tell them to get a room.

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Well OP guessing games can be fun too.

Christening each room now has a new meaning.

I thought of the game Clue when I read this FML.

I think they took the term "house warming" the wrong way...

Id be pissed and never invite them over. **** them. I know it is mean, but I would be afraid to sleep or sit anywhere.

Its people having sex not some damn contagious disease. So they had sex, big deal.

The big deal is that it's disrespectful because its OP's home. Not only that, but nobody wants to think of their parents having sex, especially in a room that could potentially be their bedroom. Obviously parents do, but I personally would prefer not to think about it. That's why it's a big deal.

You realize that some kids have sex in their parents houses right? Guess having sex is disrespectful now. I think it would have been more disrecpectful to hide this fact from OP.

If OP's dad hadn't said anything, OP would have never known. Honestly, they probably didn't actually have sex. They probably thought it would just be funny to see how OP reacted.

#45, that's such an unfair argument. First of all, you don't even know that OP had sex in her parents' house. But besides that, in every FML that someone is caught having sex by their parents, even if you don't know whether it was in the parents' house or whether the OP is a teenager, people use the "It's their house, so you have to follow their rules" argument. I don't see how it's right to expect teenagers to respect their parent's rules about having sex when it's in their house, but not expect the same respect when the child moves out. It's such BS. And anyway, teenagers don't really have a choice about where to have sex if they choose to have it. The parents DID, and they chose to have it in a house they don't even live in. tl;dr version: Your argument is such a false analogy...

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It's called "payback" for all the times OP had sex at their parents house. Parents got tired waiting for Karma to do it for them.

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On the bright side 2 is pretty ******* hot, who agrees?

Have fun figuring out which room you want to sleep in.

No harm done. They were just celebrating that you are moving out of their house. It is good to see thay still have some spark in their sex life. But if you really want to stir the pot just say "Not again. I played this guessing game last week when the neighbour came over to say goodbye."

lol lol And next day he would be an orphan with a father behind bars

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That's a creepy profile picture.

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Gross. Not that they had sex, but that they didn't do it in their room *shudder*

You are allowed sex outside of your bedroom even when you do have children!

But OP's dad shouldn't have bragged. I think it's okay as long as there's nobody in the house but them. Though, would you like stains from your parents having sex, on your carpet?

Mbusey u sound like a prude. Just saying ;)

10-stains? Ejaculate has always washed out in my experiences. You must be having some period sex and/or some messy anal to make that comment.

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I think 10 interpreted the dads comment about leaving it to Op to figure out to mean the dad left clues. :/ May have meant temporary stains then ...

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5, oh please! I'm sure you were conceived in a super cute bed of roses and not the backseat of your dad's car.

Get over it. People have sex. And not just in their room. I know...

What? Older people have to "do it" in our room? Are you for real? As soon as my kids move out & that will be soon, we can "do it" anywhere we want! Lol!!! It's gonna be great! We've been married 24 years & had kids 22 of those years!

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Where do ya think babies come from? Not a little bird in the sky, that's for sure!

Look at the bright side of things! Your parents are still in love!

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not necessarily, they may just be two lustful, horny people

Better them telling you than you walking in on them.

Or walking into "it" That is if Op doesn't correctly guess which room

It's funny how if it was the OP having sex in his parents' house, everyone would say how disrespectful it is and yet no one seems to think that when the parents do it in his house? Sorry respect is respect. Doesn't matter who's house it is.

I never knew there were so many prudes in the world!

I think usually the comments on those FMLs lean toward the "that's disrespectful" side of things, because the KIDS are usually sneaking around, breaking RULES, too young to be having sex etc.

25 prude? Why, because I don't believe in double standards? Haha whatever. 26 you're right to a certain degree but not always the cases I've seen so far. :P

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25- You're one of those people who believe that anyone who is disgusted by people having sex in their house when they don't live there are "prudes". No, it's called being ******* respectful. I'd rather that than be someone who uses my mom's bed to sleep with my boyfriend. I'm sure you'd think differently if you found out your parents had sex on your bed, though. Not so prudish anymore.

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#29, oh, no, double standards abound in parenting. I've told my daughter many times that there are things that we adults do that she can't. If she wants to do something that I feel it too "grown up" for her, I ask her how she would like it if I played "Barbies" while her friends were around, and she could pay bills and taxes. That's ends that, usually.

The way I interpreted their comment was different to others, I apologize for coming across like an idiot. I actually find the whole situation with OP quite funny, but then that's because I have a weird sense of humour. I agree with you on the whole "having sex in your parents bed" thing though! Again, sorry for coming across as disrespectful.

Oh, perdix, what will you do when your daughter does grow up and pays bills and taxes? I'll be should not to ask for mayonnaise on my sandwiches during my visits to her new house.(:

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#52, I'll play Barbies and make her take me to a Justin Bieber concert. Make sure when you visit her house, you ask for a "sandwich," and not a "sammich." ;)

Damn! I tried to edit "should" to "sure" and ran out of time. Or maybe I need some of that "tough love" you spoke about in an earlier FML!;)

That's what my answer would have been if I was the dad. Gotta mess with your kids heads. Any good parent would.