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Today, during an hour-long drive, my sister told me she's lost her "faith in humanity", because one of her friends bought his 8-year-old son an iPad. She uses this stupid expression all the time, and I got so pissed off that I forgot to brake at a red light, rear-ending the car in front of us. FML
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This fml makes me lose all faith in humanity...

AwkwardHaole808 16

Unfortunately, getting pissed off is no excuse for not using your breaks.


This fml makes me lose all faith in humanity...

perdix 29

This comment and the FML were the one-two punch that knocked out my faith in humanity. I can only imagine what my reply will do to others' faith in humanity.

Your reply to his comment about this FML has confirmed the complete loss of faith in humanity among many.

stripeycrakers 7

When you replied to the comment about the comment about the FML that you lost all faith in humanity...I unfortunately lost all faith in humanity

jojimugo 20

Yea this looks like a trap for thumb downs

The fact that 62's comment is the only one thumbed down in this thread made me regain my faith in humanity.

AwkwardHaole808 16

Unfortunately, getting pissed off is no excuse for not using your breaks.

AwkwardHaole808 16

Oh shit. Well grammar Nazis, come at me.

The_Tool1 13

Yeah, maybe it's just me but when I get mad I think I would slam my breaks. I can't see how you'd forget to break if you see the car in front of you stopped at a light.

The_Tool1 13

Crap I meant brakes too! Gah what were we thinking awkwardhaole?

I know eh? Sometimes I forget so I break my brakes so that's they're all broken and I'm too broke to get new brakes so I break them off of my friend's car to use brakes.. =DD That was incessantly ridiculous.....

I don't know about you guys, but I love coffee brakes!

SinfulEnd 20

He was so pissed off, his breaks got pissed off! so they refused to work!!

ArielTheMermaid 17

Why does the phrase piss you off anyway? It's still better than YOLO or swag

AwkwardHaole808 16

I disagree. *Points to awesome Profile Picture.*

oj101 33

YOLO isn't really useful for anything, apart from explaining to someone why swimming in a lake full of crocodiles isn't a good idea.

Honestly it pisses me off too. As well as "I don't want to love on this planet anymore"

Don't let the girls know you don't want to love on this planet anymore! Lol

When you don't use brakes your swag is on full point!

My sister says yolo all the time. Imma is also a bad one. I just don't understand why you should do stupid things if you only live once. Seems like it should be the opposite.

Because it is so overused by people who claim that words such as YOLO and SWAG piss them off. In reality this stupid phrase belongs with the others. Even worse is when some teen/young person goes "I HATE my generation!" Seriously people. YOU are a part of humanity and the generation you happen to hate. It just sounds so uneducated when people make statements like this, because if you can't get past some trend and move on with your life, and instead cling bitterly to a word, you need to read a book, and fill your head with some words that you like. It is an unnecessary blanket statement for the rest of humanity that happens to be educated and/or productive. How about looking at the good things in life instead of becoming bitter and old before your time?

189- Doesn't the fact that OP got so pissed off that someone used an expression she didn't like that she rear-ended someone show that reading to much into those expressions is even more hamrful than carelessly using one? My point is that I find your little rant totally hipicritical. People have been using dumb expressions all over the world since forever. I bet you use them everyday. So get over yourself. You talk about people who use those expressions you don't like "uneducated" and you didn't even think your comment through.

If everyone lost their faith in humanity when they said that they did, the world would be completely full of depressed people.

GwylaFelidae 7

I'm fairly certain that a majority of people are on anti-depressants already, and many more that should be. I know I am one.

Epikouros 31

People who have faith in humanity are Godless heathens.

Iknoweverything 29

I always wondered how many times people can lose their faith in humanity before they just don't have any anymore. You would think losing your faith ONCE would be enough!

#147 I have no god. I still have no faith in humanity at all. I haven't since the day that Justine bieber became popular.

147 I have faith in humanity. It's astounding how much good there is in the world when you look for it. We're far from perfect but those few people that have their heads and hearts in the right place truly restore my faith. But I'm godless so I guess i fit part of your expectations.

More billions for the drug companies because some rich asswhole bought their 8 year old an ipad

These people whom comment just for the sake of commenting...

I'm more worried about the username, combined with an FML about his sister. Uhh...

12- Omg it says ******** lol! Are you 12?... Funny how you slam people like DocBastard for being "morons" and that they ruin comments for anyone with a brain...and yet this is what you post...

12- You criticize people like Doc on your profile, yet you have made a total fool out of yourself today. Here, you essentially commented a thumbs up. Later, you correct somebody's typo after they already did so themselves. And on a different FML, you wasted the first comment saying "She's a Keeper." I'll take Doc, please and thank you.

12- it's a shame your so pretty. Alas beauty is no excuse for just being stupid.

There's lots of education apps on the iPad it would probably be good for a 8 year old.

noelykins1 19

There may be, but an 8 year having a $300 + item that they could easily break or crack or get crap on doesn't seem very suitable. Why are children being out in front of technology younger and younger? Do kids not have imaginary friends, that stuffed animal that they sleep with every night or those little toys that get all over the place? I don't know if it's just me but when I was a kid I was happy with my Barbies and my stuffed animals. I did play on the computer and my gameboy advanced/ DS, but I broke them, lost them, and scratched the disk. So from experience and knowledge it seems rather irrational to spend $300 + on an electronic device that could and will be either scratched, cracked, or broken.

I agree. There are good educational apps, but it seems more reasonable for the parent to download them on their's and let the child use it under supervision than to give one to the kid directly.

When my siblings wanted something they kicked and screamed in the store and my parents just ignored them or walked away.(No,they never left us)

Jacksparrow72 21

My aunt bought her grandson a leap pad. No need to spend big bucks on iPads amd tablets. Leapster makes great educational toys.

And with a leapster you know it's going to be educational and there is no need to worry about what the child is playing with.

They start using ipads in prep at my daughters school. She's going into grade 2 this year and the school "highly recommends" each child has their own. They also use netbooks frequently in primary school. It just seems to be where society is headed; everything is on computers/tablets etc.

8- An* (because I have nothing better to say and I feel like commenting)

The only reason I can think of condoning someone so young having something so advanced and expensive to themselves is if they have autism or are mentally retarded and in need of this device to learn and communicate. My cousin has numerous friends that have had tablets for years growing up that actually need them. Other with I'd stick with the leapster devices.

monnanon 13

my sons nursery bought two ipads for the kids to use. they also have a pc and both my son and nephew use my own tablet or my sisters to play games. both are under three years old. both still play with toys and draw and read so no tech is not just for those that have learning difficulties altho they certainly reap more benefit from it. as long as you manage time on the device theres no reason kids should be kept away from tech before a certain age.

My 7yr old daughter has a iPad mini. We put it in a otterbox and supervise her with it but she plays games and even math apps with it.

I'm not saying that kids shouldn't use these learning apps. Or go on their parents ipads or computers. There are many sites dedicated for little ones learning development. I just think that buying them one of their own at such a young age isn't such a good idea.

My ten year old cousin has gone through four iPods in three years because she keeps breaking them. Her mom bought her a nook to read on, but she bought the nook tablet instead of a dedicated ereader so my cousin used the gift card given to her to buy ebooks to buy apps instead. Technology can help kids learn but they should be supervised on a parent's or family tablet so that you know what they're doing and there's less chance of breaking it. And if you want an ereader to read books, I'd prefer to get a regular kindle or nook. They're so much easier on your eyes and have much better battery life.

My 2 and 4 yr old have iPads they're awesome. She sounds jealous.

My niece and nephew have just regular toys! If they break them its like $5 to replace. If your kids break an iPad, you'll be pissed. Sounds stupid to me.

They're in cases that make them virtually unbreakable. they get thrown around and not a scratch..hence their awesomeness. Not to mention educational apps.

Virtually unbreakable? Sounds like a challenge to a 2 and a 4 year old!

Well it's a good thing it's my money and not yours :)

CharresBarkrey 15

48 - That right there is why there should be no argument on this subject. You can spend your money however you wish, I don't understand why people feel the need to tell you how to.

No one said anything about how you can or can't spend your money. But buying a $400 "educational toy" for a toddler is ridiculous. You know what's educational? A book.

Your first sentence contradicts your 2nd. I can put thousands of books on an iPad.. I don't understand the issue here other than the price of the iPad which shouldn't concern you or any one else because it's my money! It's 2013 folks get with the program and stop hating. Jealousy is never a good look.

I see you wear your money on your sleeve. If they get iPads at toddler stage, I wonder what other extravagant gifts you'll give them when they're older. You know what's really educational? Teaching your kids the value of money. And working hard towards expensive things like that.

Jealousy huh... I have an iPhone 5 plus iPad 3. However that doesn't make me feel need to give little kids such technology at such young age, so your "jealousy" logic is doesn't make sense. Oh, things like that tend to ruin your eyes faster besides the "I'm so ******* rich" thing aka spoiled kids. (: I'm guessing that's why I keep seeing kids younger than 10 start to wear glasses already.

Judgmental much? Getting my children something I feel is educational doesn't mean I won't teach them the value of a dollar. I love electronics and technology and we are in a time where it dominates I see nothing wrong with younger kids having cell phones as well I mean why not? I'm never worried about what anyone else buys their kid ...lose your faith in humanity when you hear about people abusing children not buying them iPads for petes sakes

Why would you buy them their own individual iPads? Can't they just share one? That way you can spend less money, and they can learn the value of sharing.

A 2 and 4 year old constantly looking down at a screen isn't exactly the best "educational choice" for something so young. Give them a soccer ball. Or some crafts. Make them use their imagination. And work with their hands. Idk I'm from Ukraine, so what do I know. Maybe my soviet parents were just too old fashioned.

They don't constantly look at the screen their time is very limited on it and they have tons of toys and regular books as well as they are active! I'm not old fashioned and love tech stuff sure you can make coffee the old fashioned way but I prefer sticking a k cup in my Keurig and each their own and... kitten I didn't buy 2 I bought one and won another at work ;) For anyone else interested iguy iPad case. Bloody genius.

brand2017 9

My kids, when i have them, are starting with oldschool shit- not high tech. For example, video game wise- im starting their asses on the NES. They'll get an xbox or ps# when they appreciate the oldies first. Boom.

Yeah I bought my 10 months old daughter an iPad Mini and a Nexus 4 Smartphone.

Omg seriously!? I Can't believe u got her android! Lmao

Well I'm just going to have to give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend that you know exactly what you're doing. But just in case they grow up too spoiled, they can always come into my future office for some good old fashioned behavioral therapy. What's your money will now be mine!

Heavenleigh85- stop defending yourself. If anyone judged me on my parenting skills or what I should or shouldn't buy with MY money for MY children I would ******* lose it. You are right. This is a time when technology pretty much rules everything. IPads hold thousands of traditional books I read my kids. They can trace letters, "paint" and learn soo many things without even making a mess. If it breaks and I replace it who gives a shit? My money. Probably about the same cost as buying all those individual books anyway.

Omg seriously! I can't believe you got her android..lmao

And original paperback books get destroyed way too quickly. Pages being coloured on, ripped out, etc. I can't wait till all these close minded, I know everything people have kids of their own.

I'm hoping these "know it all people" never have kids.. We already got to many kids having kids now-a-days.

CharresBarkrey 15

If the future is going towards technology for everything, why should kids be excluded? Everyone saying new technology shouldn't be introduced to kids so early and everything, will all end up like today's older generation who are afraid to use credit/debit cards, and think everything should just stay the same as when they were younger. Tell you what. How about you let all these people buy their kids iPads and everything else they want, and actually WAIT to see how their ******* kids turn out instead of bashing them and judging their parenting techniques when you haven't even seen a god damn result yet.

Uhhm Charres have I ever told you that you are my favourite commenter? (;

Haha yeah. Lets not ever try a new method with children cuz you all turned out ******* fantastic.

TheComputerGuy96 16
iOceanus 18

I can't believe I sat here and read this entire argument.

I'd like to point out that it's not just the money that you should worry about. These kids also are being raised with VERY high expectations. Later, they could turn out to be spoiled and/or bratty.

Normally, I would agree that it's no one's business to tell you how to spend your money (a previous post on FML consisted of OP getting into a self righteous rant at a woman buying an ipad for a child.... only to be told that the woman was actually buying it for her autistic son.) But the whole "jealousy" thing is idiotic. You're not a 11 year old girl whose just had her favourite pop star made fun of. Do you use "you're just jealous" as a reply to everyone who disagrees with you?

dixiefoxx 22

I'm surprised.. I'm 16, and you know when I got my iPad? When I was 15 on Christmas. I have a three year old step sister, and I don't trust her on my iPad.. If I ever have kids, they're gonna start out with the basic stuff, toy cars, barbies, ect.

tmmundy 17

I totally agree Doc...if "parents" would take the time to read a book to their children instead of throwing an iPad with "educational" GAMES on them, I'm just guessing, but I think children would learn a lot more.

nnnope 26

Charleybelle: you're 20. How many kids do you have!?

I'm an engineer, I live technology. I think being technologically proficient is extremely important and want that for my future children. However, I would never use technology as anything more than a minor supplement (if that) for young children and toddlers. Childhood is a time when we learn and test the structure and consistency of the world and how to interact with it physically, mentally, socially, etc. Using an iPad or any other device as a substitute for holding a book, painting, writing, or whatever deprives the child of multiple physical experiences by condensing them all into a single interface.

Worrying about what expensive gadget a parent buys for THEIR child could come off as jealousy. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse though...worry about your own and I'll do the same. Discussion end.

Assuming anyone who disagrees with you is "jealous" is a hopelessly inane assumption to make and makes you sound like a bratty teenage girl. Plenty of people who have ipads themselves think it's ridiculous to give such an expensive, fragile piece of technology to a toddler.

people like you are the reason teenagers are so addicted to their phones, and technology they dont actually talk to people. i hate seeing a family at a resteraunt and nobodys really talking because they're on there phones

I have one myself. But I grew up as the oldest of 10 kids and took care of all of them by myself. So I know exactly how hard it is and how often there are messes. IPads are great if they are used responsibly. And all you 16 year olds judging this woman have no idea about her parenting skills. You don't know if they have a time limit on them or if they ARE active or go outside or if she was just introducing a new educational method. You don't know anything so you have no room to talk shit and act like you do. This is just like when cell phones were introduced.then video games. This is just another addition. Seriously if you don't have kids and you're trying to tell someone else how to do it you look soo ******* stupid.

Why can't parents just buy age appropriate toys for their children.

Why can't everyone mind their own damn business. Let her raise HER kids how she decides and you all raise yours how you want.the end.

Honestly, I don't think it's about her parenting skills. I'm big on technology. And using technology for educational purposes. Especially in schools. (though I think a leapfrog toy for a toddler would be just as effective as some lame app on an iPad.) But I think the biggest problem with this argument is her attitude. Perhaps I'm wrong, but she comes off as snobby and spoiled herself. But who am I to judge.

Oh I'm sorry am I supposed to be a nice to a bunch of strangers who are trying to bash my parenting skills? Snobby..far from it and I'm a grown woman spoiled is hardly a term I would use to describe myself. Perhaps it was the jealousy comment? My experience with people has taught me a few things, one of which is that in general worrying about how expensive or to what extravagance someone else spends their own money stems from underlying feelings of envy.why else would you care? You think someone driving a Mercedes looks at another mercedes and thinks wow waste of but the person in the toyota might! Envy..always convinces itself that its something else.Point is I don't care what you buy why would you care what I get for my kids? Seriously get a clue..and you know what they say about ASS umptions. Good luck with the psychology thing with that closed mind and judgemental attitude it should get you far.

Your presence made me lose faith in humanity..

Really? Well I'm 5 months pregnant and my foetus already has a Samsung Galaxy and an iPad 3.

Honey, you can't really talk about "assumptions" when your first reply was assuming a complete stranger was jealous of a similar lifestyle choice you've made for your toddlers. What makes you think everyone wants an ipad, and that buying an ipad is some super exclusive secret society that only the lucky elite can afford? You really need to stop convincing yourself that anyone who disagrees with you is "jealous" or "envious". It makes you sound pitifully insecure or deluded, or has your "experiences with people" not taught you that?

im not 16. im 15. and its so much easier to replace a simple book if a kid rips it, that an ipad if they accidentally break it. a few years from now, when you end up trying to do family things together and your kids ignore you, with headphones in, and texting their friends, your gonna regret this.

brand2017 9

Buying your kids such high tech early on just because "the future is ruled by technology" makes you seem retarded. Idc if you are using educational apps. They may end up with book smarts (even though they may never touch a REAL book because of stupid tech nowadays) but they'll end up with the social skills of a tin can. Ive seen it happen with my own eyes on many, many occasions. And if we just keep delving into tech earlier an earlier, humanity is gunna end up like the movie Wall-E. nobody will talk except with a cam, we'll become lazier and lazier, and spiral into oblivion. And before someone says "you're jealous of my ipads" you're wrong. I had one. I hated it. I sold it. It was a waste of money to me. You may or may not agree with me, i really dont care. But the undeniable fact is that technology is turning the majority of children into antisocial zombies, and we the adults allow it to happen, and by buying them the tech so early on, encourage it.

the reason the future is going to be ruled by technology is because of parents like this. your kids are going to end up with the attention span of a fish on speed.

Really? If you teach them the value of money, they're less likely to be entitled assholes. And if they're not entitled assholes, they can't be super rich arrogant businessmen that exploit workers. And therefore, don't teach them the value of money, because being an asshole makes money.

Yes I am sure that because your sister said something stupid, it justifies you almost killing both of you.

No kidding, had there not been that law-abiding car between Op and the red light, who knows what could have happened? Good thing I had no faith in humanity to begin with, because this situation is just ridiculous.

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caitiebug1119 15

*eight *year Oh good grief, I hope you're trying to be funny 11. Four year old?! Seriously? Have fun trying to satisfy that kid on Christmas and his/her birthday. Already have an iPad at four, how much bigger and greater can you go? I would understand if there was a cheap kids version of the iPad that only had educational things on it (think LeapFrog products in tablet form).

Nothing is "wrong" with that. People just always need to find something to judge others on.

Staring at a screen is terrible for the eyes. So letting a young child do it is a pretty idiotic idea. Whatever happened to going outside, or reading a damn book. I saw a commercial the other day urging parents to give their children 60 minutes of active play. When I was a child I played outside ALL day, rain or shine. I didn't sit inside staring at different screens. This is why kids are so bratty now. Parents let them have whatever they want without working towards it. Not to mention the majority of parents I see are too lazy to even spend 10 - 20 minutes reading a book to a child. I'm an adult and I don't even have an iPad.

kids should play outside. its so unhealthy to sit inside all day.