By fuckbucket14 - 14/04/2012 22:56 - Egypt - Hurghada

Today, I got into an argument with my dad in his hotel room. I lost my temper and stormed out onto the balcony for some fresh air, at which point he decided to lock the door behind me, trapping me there for half an hour while he watched TV. FML
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chickenwalrus 14

i love how your username is "fuckbucket"

What's an asswhole?


AnimalLover1031 8

Wow what a ******* asswhole

What's an asswhole?

He's a whole asshole? not just half an asshole?

Thank goodness he has a whole ass. It would be awkward with just half.

kandi_kid69 15

Asswhole? What's that?

blackheart24 10

Thats definitely better than an asshalf.

AnimalLover1031 8

Calm down people, it's just a mistake.

We already established that if you haven't seen the first 5 comments.

Asswhole; the combination of ass and swole.


42- ur freaking hilarious hahahaha

That was a half-ass effort with the spelling there, 1.

I don't think he is an asshole at all, perhaps it'll teach OP to have a bit of respect in future.

blueandpurpleroc 4

I would suggest breaking the door but we all know how damn expensive hotel charge for anything scratched, let alone broken.

Greendaycheese 12

Key and Jonghyun !

blueandpurpleroc 4

You know it. (;

Smoke a bowl out there

ilovedramahehe 7

Oh SMTown reunion :)

You know he deserves it for locking her out there. People on here have the meanest parents I have ever heard of.

Thats why you storm out the hotel door so you can hang out and have fun

OP was on a balcony.

Well he can hang may be life risking but he can hang over the edge of the balcony. He will technically be hanging out then.

I would have found somewhere to hide if I were you and scared the shit out of your dad. Like you know... On the side of the balcony or something.

chickenwalrus 14

i love how your username is "fuckbucket"

I guess your dad won the argument

Well as long as the weather wasn't bad, I don't see much of an FML here. He was bound to let you in at some point.

crawl off from the side, land in the bushes, sneak in again and slap him in the face.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

Slap him in the face? Do kids have no clue about respecting their parents anymore?

erockinthesuburb 17

I would have done the exact same thing...

Me too! That was my first thought after u read the fml

So after erockinthesuburb read the FML, you, stalkerstatus101, thought of walking out to the balcony? Well that makes a lot of sense.

Did you have a view of the tv?