By Anonymous / Wednesday 1 June 2011 18:06 / United States
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  monkeybanana  |  7

good for her. the parents definatley deserved it for being way to protective. my parents are the same and when I'm 18 they're in for a rude awakening! :)

  california283  |  6

a rude awakening for what? a rude awakening for actually CARING about you? my parents are overprotective too but it's for my own good. at least they care enough to protect you. some parents don't care about their kids at all..

  shannonreneee  |  11

There's being protective and then just plain abusive. When I turned 18 I left as quickly as I could. They used the term "protective" but they were physically and mentally abusive. So I acted out, told them similar things. Get to know the story before you judge and say she's a slut. You have NO idea what she could have actually gone through.

  Lennsik  |  4

I can agree and disagree with what #1 and OP's daughter did. Only 17 until this year, I have to live under the rule of my parents. Not bad, right? Right. Though unfortunately, like most parents, we rebel. Some parents handle it cooly. Others, unfortunately like mine, do not. I have been told up front I will never have rights living under their roof and my decisions will only be made under their approval. From, as said by them, love to cars to jobs to education.

Now does this mean you should have sex in the house JUST to get back at them? God no, that's disgusting and immature and just proves WHY they had to act the way they do. How do I get back at my parents? Simply living a modest life, an exact opposite to the great stardom life they want me to be. So be who you want to be, but do it like an adult, not a child.

  zolziski  |  11

The parents couldn't have been THAT overprotective if the daughter was still able to have sex with her various boyfriends all over the house, so no, OP does not deserve this. I agree with whoever said that the OP should start charging rent.

  claireful  |  4

161-I saw that too! It's stuff like this that gives us Christians a bad name. I just hope she meant that she was going to tell her parents exactly what she thinks, not give them the nitty-gritty details of her sexcapades.

  kostya0106  |  6

There's a fine line between caring and obsessing/abusing. It's more than naive to expect teenage children not to have sex, so one can be an adult and actually teach the children being safe or be an idiot and be "overprotective" and be miserable and "disappointed" constantly by those children.

  dre_bro11  |  12

Guys, just remember, your parents brought you into this world, so anything they do, they are most likely doing it for you own good.
Let them be overprotective; I'm sure if you have kids one day you'll realise why they were, they just want the best for you, and this doesn't mean acting like a filthy slut behind their backs, then boasting about it the day your 18. You are probably only going to make it worse for yourself in the long run.
Think about the future as well. One day you might need their help, but if you treated them in this manner, they're most likely to turn a blind eye on you. So, like I said before, they brought you into this world, treat them with respect. If you don't, then I hope with all my heart it backfires on you later in life.

  Cookie4U  |  0

How can you judge a parent for being over protective? Now there are several reasons parents are protective and sometimes over protective.First of all the world is f**ked- therefore they do whatever they can to keep you away from that for as long as possible. Secondly fathers know the male mind, and how they think. This relates directly to teenage boys dating their daughters(in a fathers eyes she is always going to be his little girl) Now he is aware that most guys think like he dud at that age so he wants to protect his daughter. Also I can imagine most of you don't have children to start off with so you can't comment on a parenting style unless your eyes have been opened. In saying that I am well aware that I'm 16 so don't start bagging me out. (Basically be protective but don't go over the top e.g. Chasing daughters boyfriend with shotgun)

  nkklllll  |  4

Being OVERprotective is never a good thing. I know people that don't know how to drink safely because their parents didn't teach them about alcohol. Overprotective is NEVER a good thing jsut because your parents brought you into the world doesn't mean a damn thing. That doesn't mean that everything they do and tell you is for your good.


agreed 100%. its same case with me. my parents keep me home saying " it's not part of culture to let girls out" and then they do keep me home, make me do housework before homework and emotionally and physically abuse me when I stand up for myself. they keep threatening to marry me off. I personally can't wait to turn 18 so I can leave this hellhole.

  mlb58  |  0

all I know is that the girls who commented are all sexy as hell, and once you give them the D, theyd be back for more. am I right? haha

  HubertPL  |  0

it's not awkward she's 18. you should be pretty open to your parents about your sex life and at least the daughter opened her mothers eyes and they can talk now.


Honestly most parents always see their children as, well, children. I think there's a little gender difference because typically boys get encouraged by their dad to have sex. no dad or mom reallllllly wants to hear that their baby girl is having sex. Just because she said it out loud doesn't mean it got any less awkward to talk about. My dad would probably have a heart attack if I tried a conversation like that with him! haha.

By  keegan23  |  4

June 2nd is my b-day

  LolMoqz  |  10

Me too.

I want you to be standing on a burro's back doing backflips while wearing a sombrero and holding a plate of tacos in one hand, and maracas in the other.

  tmmundy  |  17

well #54. since u will be traveling and all. my birthday is February 20. if u cld just stop by and remind my husband that would be great!!! He has forgot it the last 2 years. lol.

  claireful  |  4

well since you offered... my birthday is februrary 11th. I'd like you to ride Elmo to my house (the REAL elmo, not just some fat guy in a red suit.) I would like you to sing happy birthday backwards while rubbing your tummy and patting your head. I would then like to be fed coconut macaroons and piña coladas threw a funel. thank you.

  KristinaKreme  |  0

My birthday is on March 20 :D
I am expecting you to be riding to my window on a rainbow unicorn with candy flavored petals being thrown everywhere and a gold dragon singing Happy Birthday.

  enonymous  |  8

the way you're speaking this reminds me of that old Michael Jordan and Larry Bird McDonalds commercial. off the bed in your bed off the sink. through the kitchen window nothing but net

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