By Gem - Australia
Today, my Dad thought "Joseph" and "Francis" were two people hacking our internet. They are actually the names of my laptop and iPod, which have now been blocked from using our modem. He can't figure out how to unblock them. FML
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  nowIshallrise  |  0

At first, I was going to say use the internet to find out how to unblock them, but I just realized you can't go on the internet anymore, stupid me.

But why would you name your laptop and iPod?

  metalwolf  |  17

Some of my hardware is named. It makes telling people what to do easier when they know what the hardware is named.

"Turn on FRAG" or "turn on the computer 3rd from the left of the 1st group"
Which is easier to understand when others know what frag is?

  ImmaNut23  |  0

all you guys are fucking dumb. the modem isn't blocked. the iPod and shit is. meaning u can't plug his iPod into the computer or use the laptop with wireless because they are restricted. she can still get on the Internet and use the computer you fucked up dummys

  sulitak  |  27

I do, just so I know which one is mine when looking at usage... its easier to pick out when someone hacked you if you see "LaptopName" and anything else using your wireless gets blocked.

  celialevi1234  |  2

she said her iPod and laptop couldn't connect to her home's Internet, she could have gotten Internet from another place like school or just used some other device that wasn't blocked from her home's modem like her dad's computer, duh