By Gem - 11/02/2011 10:59 - Australia

Today, my Dad thought "Joseph" and "Francis" were two people hacking our internet. They are actually the names of my laptop and iPod, which have now been blocked from using our modem. He can't figure out how to unblock them. FML
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Who the **** would name their iPod/laptops names?

ZoroFresh 0 I won't explain shit to you no matter how easy it is with information so readily available.


Stargenx 6

That sucks. You should talk to the tech support for your modem. They should be able to fix it.

YDI, OP, for naming your iPod and laptop "Joseph," and "Francis."

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At first, I was going to say use the internet to find out how to unblock them, but I just realized you can't go on the internet anymore, stupid me. But why would you name your laptop and iPod?

noobgang7 5

Today my Dad blocked my iPod and laptop from the Internet, yet I still managed to write and submit this FML. FML.

Some of my hardware is named. It makes telling people what to do easier when they know what the hardware is named. "Turn on FRAG" or "turn on the computer 3rd from the left of the 1st group" Which is easier to understand when others know what frag is?

Today, my name is noobgang7 and I'm ******* stupid. FML

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ever heard of an iphone, 36? fail

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all you guys are ******* dumb. the modem isn't blocked. the iPod and shit is. meaning u can't plug his iPod into the computer or use the laptop with wireless because they are restricted. she can still get on the Internet and use the computer you ****** up dummys

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they can get on the Internet at the moment.. they just posted an FML xD (:

check for mac address filtering on your router (not modem), you can also change your computers Mac address, not advised though.

u name ur ipod? two different names so it isnt named after u? unless of course it is ur first amd middle name but stil!

oh fyl u don't have Internet you poor baby. I feel soo bad for you. as if

Who the **** would name their iPod/laptops names?

I know lots of people who do that :') I would do it myself but I can't think of a good name :(

My ipod is called Ruby :) Just because when I first connected it to Itunes, it asked me to submit a name.

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well you know lots of dumbasses

TheDrop 0

Everyone has a name for their computer. think harder kids. 10010100101101010010101010101

who would name them Joseph and francis

AsianCookie247 14

WTF? you who names their electronic devices?..

AsianCookie247 14

ummm fyl op i name everything i own :) and i know alot of people that do also just ask your parental unit to unblock it op

that's thepoint dumb ass. her dadcant unblock it.

aaronperez 0

ditto... i love syncing it.

I do, just so I know which one is mine when looking at usage... its easier to pick out when someone hacked you if you see "LaptopName" and anything else using your wireless gets blocked.

VampireKiller59 0

good point but how'd he post this fml if he had no Internet

celialevi1234 2

she said her iPod and laptop couldn't connect to her home's Internet, she could have gotten Internet from another place like school or just used some other device that wasn't blocked from her home's modem like her dad's computer, duh

Well you can start by hitting the English textbooks. ;)

ZoroFresh 0 I won't explain shit to you no matter how easy it is with information so readily available.

natalie_ays 0

No kidding and if you can't figure it out with Google, call someone... obviously.

But OP can't access the internets to search it up, can they?

You shouldn't have used their names. Only call them that in private. xD

FMLephant 2

Isn't Joe Francis the Girls Gone Wild creator?

i named mine lucia because my parents thought it would be funny if i got a pink ipod i'm a dude

Mewzakuro240 0

I named my IPhone Lianalla, and my IPod (from a few years ago) George. my laptop, bless it's soul, was Lappeh-topo.

I named mine Titanic so when it syncs it says "Syncing Titanic"...

The Titanic? I would imagine it's been down there for awhile, since 1912, I think.

lol. I like it... syncing titanic... -giggles-

1221jamw 11

50- You would 'sync' too. Kidding.

pandabeargirl89 0

If you can't access your modem, how are you posting this? Public library? Desktop? JC

Hmmm, maybe a DESKTOP!? Or at least, obviously, another pc in the house. It was the kid's stuff that was blocked, afterall.

Oh wow, then call tech support. Problem solved.

don't sweat about it unplug the box or call support. Problem solved