By AyDiosMio42 - 08/09/2009 06:31 - United States

Today, I stepped on the MacBook Air I purchased 4 days ago. The screen snapped in two, and I didn't buy insurance because I promised myself I would be "extra careful." $3500 well spent. FML
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How can you step on your macbook if you are "extra carefull"??? Putting it on the floor, or maybe you did dance on the table?, isn't carefull at all!

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so spend 900 and get a pc that's better.


i know! i can't believe the OP spent $3500 on one of those things. they don't even have cd drives, do they? I am very disappointed in him.

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Seriously. How pretentious of a computer? No matter what computer it was, though, you don't spend $3500 and NOT buy the insurance. Moron.

Agreed, Macs do not suck. And 3500 dollars? I just went on the site. You have to get every single add-on and software package, EXCEPT AppleCare, that they offer to spend that much on one of their computers. OP is incredibly dumb.

Macs do not suck, if you have no idea how a computer works and don't want to ever have to go searching on the inside (which isn't that big of deal) if you just want a media center, and not something to do actual work on ( not just emails, but rendering and math intensive projects) and you won't be gaming or something of the sort, buy a mac. you severely limit your capability's, but you do get convenience .

You can run OS X on PC. It's commonly referred to as Hackintosh. Difficult to do, but not impossible.

A Mac can do 90% of what a PC can do only in terms of compatibility, if you install Windows on it. You're still not gonna have enough power to run any games unless you pretty much double the price of the PC. So you're suggesting that for gaming, it's a good idea to get a Mac with inferior hardware or a higher price, and then use Windows to run games on it anyway? You may as well literally throw money down the drain. On the other note, why would any self-respecting PC owner want to put a Mac OS on it anyway? That's like putting a chastity belt on your computer. I can honestly say I've never woken up one day and said to myself "Hmmm, I feel like arbitrarily limiting my computer in many ways, today." The best thing you can do is dual-boot Windows and Linux. You've got stability when you need it or compatibility when you want it. If any PC user actually wanted OSX, the internet would be teeming with third-party software to virtualize it.

#263: I could follow it, and I own a Mac. I also have a desktop that runs Linux and another desktop that runs XP. Am I the norm? Probably not. Your comment is annoying and offensive. So stfu please.


Macs are pieces of shit. Overpriced, pieces of "Look at me, I have the money to get overpriced stuff, and I do not ******* know anything about computers." Seriously, YDI, and Macs ******* swallow shit.

Oo pelican is implying that I don't know how to use a computer because I have a Mac. Or that I don't know how to "get on the inside". Do you mean command line in the terminal? I do actually know how to do that. As for gaming, not everyone is into that, and I feel bad for you if that's how you choose what computer to buy. Sudo get ******.

I think he meant opening up the computer, as in taking it out of the case and looking at the actual physical parts. You feel bad for us if that's how we judge computers? Why? Better game systems for the money than the consoles, there are a good amount of PC games, and they use the same specs you'll be using in everything else. Gaming takes a lot of RAM , which is important for multi tasking, a good Processor for speed, and a Good Graphics card is good for movies and the like .

rofl. you have no idea about anything if you think knowing how to use command lines and extremely simple things like that shows any knowlage about computers whatsoever.

bootcamp is for dipshits that don't know how to partition and install their own shit.

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All you tards saying "Mac is better then pc, zomg bu mac"... you do realize a Mac IS a PC considering PC = Personal Computer. Learntoacronym

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How may I ask are macs better then a pc? Macs are a type of PC, so how are they better than themselves?

# 300 , no computer that I have ever heared of not counting super computers can hold as much RAM or hard drive space as a MAC pro

boot camp is not for idiots, if you make a regular partition and install windows the Mac will not recognize it. boot camp allows the Mac to see the PC and allows file transfers between the two

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I am 100% sure you have never had a Mac. They have such quality in their devices, why do you think windows and Dell are $350 to $800 while Macs are $1000. You pay for quality.

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For twice the price!! Dumbass

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Not true. You pay because you are convinced that macs are great quality. When you see high price you prob think good quality. Which is definitely not the case when more than 95% of world uses pc. And only self obsorbed children and hipsters use macs.

Wonder what the world would be like, if the "sensible" people defended macs, and "hipsters" and such defended Windows (and Linux)

No, literally everything about Mac is a waste. Completely. Wether it's general purpose or advanced tech. Macs are nothing more than ok at getting on Facebook

No. Macs are literally the worst computers created. You truly don't know about computers if you decided to spend your money on an over priced Facebook machine. If u did know something about computers you would have realized what a complete waste of money you just made.

@Ninja, Did Apple personally wrong you at some point? Honestly, that sort of passion should be reserved for a worthwhile argument. Are we really making a character judgement about someone based on that individual's personal taste in computers? That's very childish and assuming.

How can you step on your macbook if you are "extra carefull"??? Putting it on the floor, or maybe you did dance on the table?, isn't carefull at all!

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YDI for blowing over 3grand on a Mac in the first place >.> a $500 pc can do the exact same things anyway...

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I bought insurance for my macbook and when my screen broke they said the insurance didn't cover it. 650$. FML and FYL

Yeah the insurance does not do much of anything for you. But there are places on the internet that replace screens ect... for about $200 I had to do that for mine.

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Another idiot that doesn't pay attention to what they're doing.

The "insurance" wouldn't have helped. AppleCare specifically excludes damage caused by "assholery" and "douchebaggery".

thats like the entire userbase though...

haha...funny how they exclude the easiest thing to break...

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Hey everyone who uses apple products is more than likely a douche (iMac Mac book iPod iPhone ect.)

It has nothing to do with the quality of the product or care put into the design :)

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so spend 900 and get a pc that's better.

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How do you step on you computer?

A MacBook Air is a laptop thin enough to fit inside one of those full-sheet-of-paper size envelopes.

...Why was it on the floor? I've had a macbook for 2 years and it's been through it's share of rough handling, but I've never left it sitting.. open.. on the floor.

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There's a warranty for like three months...

Evidently you weren't "extra careful" about buying your MacBook Air, because the high-end model costs $1,800. Where did the other $1700 go? If you opted of every single software option when purchasing it, I guess you can get the price that high, but you still own that software, so you are only out the price of the hardware. Just get an $1100 MacBook Pro and be done with it.