By UnwantedDaughter - 08/01/2019 20:00

Today, it's my birthday. My father didn't get me a birthday present or do anything for me, and acted as though he only came to visit because it was expected. Yet when it was his birthday a couple months ago, he expected me to take him out and pay for it FML
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My grandfather does the exact same thing.... Bollocks to the pair of them -.-

Don't celebrate his next year. fuck em


My grandfather does the exact same thing.... Bollocks to the pair of them -.-

Time to cut him out.

Don't celebrate his next year. fuck em

OP - That sucks! My advice would be to return the favor at his next birthday and see if he learns anything from that. But I would not take it farther than that at this time. Not giving a gift for your birthday is not a reason to cut him out of your life - If OP did that then she would seem the petty one. Unfortunately, parents are human and some are better than others at sharing and celebrating milestones. Some are forgetful and forget those occasions when they roll around. And some think they have already put in all the effort while their children were young and now it’s time to just collect the rewards without making an effort now.

Try not ever getting one.. Also don’t do shit next year..

Once you get to a certain age I don’t think your parents need to give you a birthday gift. My brother just turn 19 I didn’t get him anything, but I called him and wished him a happy birthday. You took your dad out for his birthday and that great but to expect something back is ridiculous he took car of you for 18+ years. Your an adult now act like one.

And what exactly tells you he even took care of OP?

He’s the dad and op didn’t say his dad wasn’t in his life so I’m going with the fact that both his parents were in his life growing up

My brother and I had both our parents in our lives growing up, but our dad wasn’t a father to my brother at all. My brother would spend months researching something he wanted, take the information (what it is, what exact kind, where to find it cheapest, etc) to our parents, then my dad would go out and buy it for me, claiming that because I was older, I got it and my brother didn’t. Having both parents physically there doesn’t mean anything.

well then next year just call him on his birthday, and leave it at that. and to people who are like "ohhh he took care of you for 18 years ungratefull brat". yeah. he chose to have a kid. not taking care of them is a crime, and does make you a generally shit person. if he wants love and affection he can damn well be expected to give love and affection himself.

He’s just trying to raise you to be better than he turned out. That’s the biggest gift of all! Typically a selfish shit parent will try to shape their kids into being selfish shits just like them.

You expect a birthday gift. For what? Being born? He raised you, correct (and I assume you're not 12 and already out of the house). My parents don' visit or buy me birthday presents, but I don't "tit for tat" and give freely not expecting anything in return. What was so difficult for you to take him out to dinner for once? Or are you so self-involved that anyone in your life not giving you a gift is immediately an asshole somehow? You didn't plan a wedding a year ago and then expected people to pay thousands to attend, right? I'm just checking...

If you would read my comment I made yesterday, you would see that it wasn’t really about the gift. I was venting ahole. We took him out to dinner, and took him to topgolf which is quite expensive.

I agree and men need to stop "white knighting" women who act like they need or deserve something simply because they exist. stop endulging them.

My guess about those hating on OP for merely wanting to be appreciated, is that they treat their families like garbage while expecting to be cherished in return, just like Selfish Dad here. Newsflash folks: Just because you relate to someone, that doesn't prove they have the moral high ground.