By must be adopted - 11/02/2013 01:00 - United States - Houston

Today, I casually mentioned to my dad that it was the Chinese New Year yesterday. He accused me of insulting his intelligence by "making stupid shit up." I explained that it's real, and that we just use the Gregorian calendar, hence the different dates. He responded by grounding me. FML
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Ohhhh the ignorance of people sometimes

Seems your father was born during the year of the ass.


Ohhhh the ignorance of people sometimes

Some people can't handle being wrong

asnakelovinbabe 16

Year of the snake! YEA!

Is no one noticing the double post?! I mean it's the second time in row this has happened, for crying out loud!

48- sometimes it happens.. It's some sort of glitch that happens when you posts it posts two..

I live in China and believe me, it's very real. It's not every day that you wake up with firecrackers going off on the building in front of you. OP's dad is really ignorant, he should come here and see for himself.

grmnxsensati0n 4

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Your dads a dick straight up, just like mine..

It's not necessarily ignorance or 'dickishness', parents in general just don't enjoy it very much at all when their children pierce through their facade of infallibility; imagine if you created something that subsequently turned around and challenged your intelligence - the creator will never accept criticism lightly from the created.

squideth 18

78, what? Why would a parent not be happy to realize their child is growing up and learning about the world? "parents in general" are not like this unless they are extremely insecure and immature.

They'd love for their child to grow and learn; they just hate it when they feel that child is using their knowledge condescendingly against them... I know mine do, even when that's not the intention.

I like it when my kids tell me new things about the world. Only a booger eating moron shuts himself off like that.


Oh look! OP's father found the post!


His ego plus his ignorance mixes for some impressive stupidity.

Impressive would not be my choice of words

well then it's a good thing you didn't write it

Interesting... Someone that stupid actually bred intelligent offspring?

I'm not sure you can deduce that OP is intelligent for knowing about the Chinese new year. And hey, OP's mom might be wiser.

He is adopted.

what's OP mean?

Shadow_Phantom 26

@66: Since nobody else seems to want to share this information... OP = Original Poster. The poster of the FML submission, in this case, is the Original Poster.


Orange Possum

Overly passionate

Optomus Prime duh (;

Overachieving poster.

Ignorance. Your father has too much. Anyway, happy Chinese New Year folks!

perdix 29

That's a relatively easy lesson on how to deal with stupid people who are in a position of authority over you. Once you got pushback on the Chinese New Year fact, you should have abandoned your Gregorian calendar jibber-jabber. If you know about Rosh Hashanah, you might just want to keep that to yourself.

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I choose to believe 10 was being sarcastic. By "choose" I mean in order to retain my faith in humanity...

I was indeed being sarcastic.

You could prove it using a tool called "the internet". It's pretty useful.

Seems your father was born during the year of the ass.

After reading several of the recent FML's, it seems that not only this dad, but many other parents were born in this most unfortunate time period known to most scholars as "ass."

laya_fml 26

How dare you insult his intelligence!

If only there was something there to insult.

Hes not insulting, hes adding and his dick of a father dosen't like new knowledge since he dropped out of college

laya_fml 26

I was joking.... unlike the father, I do have common sense.