By MissCharlotte - 21/08/2013 04:06 - United States - Downers Grove

Today, I met up with my estranged father for the first time in almost 15 years. I saw him again later, while he was robbing my house. FML
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MissCharlotte_fml tells us more.

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Hi everyone, I am the OP. I am so glad this got published!! Also, all of these coments are great :) To add more to the story: My sister and I went out to lunch with my dad because he was in town and wanted to see us. He seemed to have changed since he divorced my mom 15 years ago, so we let him drive us home, which is how he knew where our apartment was. Later that night, I heard noises in our apartment, so my badass sister tackled him and pepper-sprayed him as he was trying to pick up our TV. He was aressted (he actually had a knife) and we are getting a restraining order against him.

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That really is a huge shame, he clearly doesn't deserve to know his children. Awesome sister you have though!


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Oh how cute Fatherly love and affection

No wonder that douche was estranged for 15yrs

Maybe in jail for 15 years? Fresh out and back on a roll?

#6- He's not back on "a roll"; he's back on *parole :)

@23 you probably now have one of the few corrections on FML that i will actually approve of

23, He could mean "on a roll" like on a crime spree. I sincerely hope he didn't mean parole.

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I thing you're better of keeping that "estranged" part of the relationship. ... also: restraining order!

Guess she gets to see him one more time. In court, pointing her finger saying "that's the man."

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I bet. PPl need to know where their place is.

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No wonder he was away for fifteen years !

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Family Reunion! On a more serious note, I hope he didn't steal anything valuable.

Nah, people break into homes and steal crap that's worthless.

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I had someone break into my house and steal my phone charger. It was ok though. They broke in a couple days later and put it back. Left a thank you note and everything. Nice Guy that theif was.

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He was in the process of taking our TV when my sister tackled him. He also had a pile of things like our cameras, some money, and other things of value near the front door.

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I think its time to move on from that chapter in your life.

Restraining order sounds like it would help.

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Unfortunately I've been in the same situation twice

Wait, Twice? with your mother and then again your father? Sorry Man.

He doesn't seem to value your relationship. You can bet he values your stuff though.