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By Anonymous - 28/04/2020 17:00

Today, I threatened my kids I’d turn off their WiFi unless they did their chores, so my eldest chimed in, "Please, we changed the WiFi password months ago in case you tried to threaten us like this," then turned off my WiFi, which I need to work from home. I had to beg a 12-year-old to let me work. FML
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Just factory reset the router. And take away all of their electronics. Punks!


The little bastards are always one step ahead.

Just factory reset the router. And take away all of their electronics. Punks!

Why does your children know your password to change it? Take away all their electronics and cords and change the password.

The network password for your Wi-Fi router doesn't work the way that you think it does....

No but the *admin* password would allow the kids to get into the device and selectively disable WiFi access for individual devices. Which, since the OP has most likely been using the WiFi since the kids made the change, is the password they have.

rotflqtms_ 21

IDK about you, but when I got my internet, my ISP provided a modem, and on that modem was a username and password. Odds are that the parent didn't know that they should have changed it and didn't...and the kids were smart enough to do so and did. I know when I was younger, I was the one setting up everything internet related even though I wasn't paying the bills. One sure fire way to cut them off would be to get in contact with the ISP and tell them you lost access to your password and ask for a reset, or factory reset it yourself if you knew how to. Then put it in a location they don't have access to and change the password. And if they live in your house, they abide by your rules. If you say no internet, no internet. If they don't listen, take their stuff away. Nothing is theirs. It's all yours! Everything in that house is theirs, even their clothes. They don't wanna listen, there's the door, but they can leave all of your stuff behind except what you decide they get to keep. And you can best believe, electronics won't make the list of things they get to keep.

Yeah, no. Legally, all of the kids stuff is theirs. All of it, even if you bought it for them. You might have bought it but you gave it to them. You are also legally obligated to take care of your damn kids until they reach the age of majority. You can't make these sorts of threats, if the kid is smart (as these kids are) they can have legal consequences. I'm sorry if your parents did this to you, but they were not following the law and were also terrible people.

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As their custodial guardian you are allowed to take things away from them temporarily even if they own it. However, I have this issue solved as I've made clear that everything I let my kids use still remains legally mine and at no point am I transferring ownership to them ~

I agree with taking away power cords. They need to show respect for you & your authority. Do whatever you have to do to protect the wifi login. Love is sometimes saying No. Then later, after chores are done, etc, enjoy a movie or family game night. Reward them for doing better.

Your an idiot if your kids know the password. None of my kids know the WiFi password in my house. They can try to guess it, but they will never figure it out unless they know the name of my friend when I was 4 and the name of my second jobs manager and what my licker combo was in 6th grade, and how it’s phrased

Growing up, my brother and I knew the WiFi password. My dad, the tech savvy parent, worked out of state during the week, so if anything went wrong, it was up to me or my brother to fix it. That being said, when we would get in trouble, we’d just have our electronics taken away. It eliminates the possibility of OP’s situation and makes sure they can’t even use data to continue using them. So no, OP isn’t stupid for letting their kids know the password. Changing the password is just the wrong punishment to use.

your licker combo? up down up down right left? am I close

That's when you contact your provider to have it changed, and refuse to give them the actual password. By breaking down and begging your child for the password when you desperately needed it for work, instead of calmly and rationally having it changed and then punishing your child for threatening your job, you've let them know they've won. It's just going to get harder from here.

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I’m sensing a lack of discipline in the house. You’re going to need to take back the reins as a parent, or else your kids will run over you more than they already have

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Reset the router, it'll go back to the factory set password. Take everything your children own and sell it on Ebay for $1. Give them the dollar. Let them earn the money they need to buy everything they want.

rotflqtms_ 21

They don't own anything. Everything under their parents' roof belongs to the parent(s). They don't deserve that dollar. They wanna be disrespectful, they can start working and buying their own stuff and paying rent and paying her/him for the meals (s)he cooks and the stuff (s)he does. Ungrateful little swines.