By Anonymous - United States
  Today, my best friend, with whom I have been in love for years, kissed me, hugged me, held my hand, hooked up with me and told me that he loved me more than anything and wanted to be with me... until he sobered up and his girlfriend got back to town. FML
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Because the fact that OP engaged in gay sex makes the situation so much more different than if OP was a female?

hurrda durrpa he had gaysecks ew das grody

This is a FML for both the OP and the girlfriend for being with a cheater.

  RavenXRampage  |  1

37 is also a troll. I MUST FEED IT!

But I'm not quite sure how.. If the end that usually eats is spewing shit, do I feed the other end? If 37 is from the USA, they would be thankful for a gravy enema this weekend.. Right?

  xero_art  |  0

I think the fact the OP is a guy is more disturbing because that means that his friend is gay, now he knows and yet his friend went back in the closet

  benniful  |  0

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  DjeePee  |  24

Pssh, I would contact the girlfriend if I were you. I'm guessing you knew about her (best friend, duuh), so, you're a jerk. You'll become less of a jerk if you tell her that she has one mean boyfriend.

By  cathylee22  |  4

The truth comes out when your drunk. So maybe he really does feel that way and he has just been to afraid to say it. With some liquid courage he could have really told you how he felt so if by chance you didn't feel the same he could hide behind the fact that he was drunk. I say just be adult about it and talk to him about what he said, what happened and how you feel. Maybe then you can get to the bottom of this and the truth will finally come out. You are going to keep asking yourself what if, if you don't try. Good luck :)

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

Did he confess that he did this to his girlfriend? Did she "instinctively" slap him for it? Did that cause him to break up with her on the basis that she was violent?