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Today, I was in a restaurant bathroom, when another girl walked in. I have anxiety issues, and couldn't leave my stall until the other person went first. She rushed into a stall and had violent diarrhea for a good 10 minutes. FML
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To those telling me to leave while she was in the bathroom: you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how anxiety works. My mind was in a state of "The minute I exit my stall she is going to as well." While I knew this was unlikely, I still couldn't physically bring myself to leave. Additionally, I'd like to thank those of you who left positive comments. I'm trying to overcome this. :)

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Why didn't you sneak out while she was in the stall though? Even if you have anxiety issues, she sure was busy haha

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she didn't say she was embarrassed. i have a similar anxiety and i can't do any of my business and most other tasks unless I'm totally alone. it's not about embarrassment, it's about being afraid in general. if you have anxiety, it's like anything you do or another person does could drastically alter or destroy a moment or the entire relationship between you and that person, no matter if you actually know them or not. anything could go wrong and anything could happen as a result of that and it would be all our fault. we know how unreasonable and silly it may sound to you, but have you ever gone out in public and felt immediately afraid? that's how it is every single day. I'm not afraid that I'm going to embarrass myself, I'm afraid that someone else is going to find a reason to hate me or put me down or immediately start judging me to my face or hit me or shank me or cause some kind of drama/problem with me. even just sitting next to someone in a bathroom stall is enough to make you think "oh god......" and start thinking about every possible way that the situation could go wrong. it sucks. but it's just how our brains work. it's not embarrassing, it's terrifying.


Yuck! That must have been incredibly awkward; I'm the same way as you.

People say somethings can never be unseen well somethings can never be unheard...

Ewwwwww. Is it weird that I can like smell it??

Even worse 14, you just psychologically ate shit. Or realistically ate shit if you were in a bathroom when you read the FML. Have a great day :)

Why didn't you sneak out while she was in the stall though? Even if you have anxiety issues, she sure was busy haha

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Probably because she had to use the toiler badly

You can thrust leave if you have anxiety issues, I get the same way. You can't let the other person see you, and Murphy's law states that as soon as you try to "sneak out" they will finish their toileting and then stare straight into your eyes while thinking, " ahh she's the one that just did the big stinky shit".

50, I'm pretty sure the person who had violent diarrhea for 10 minutes would not look OP in the eyes and go, "Oh, disgusting! You did the stinky shit!"

She needs help, plain and simple. nothing wrong with going to get help. because life is going to keep going, she can't control the world.

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Plug your nose and cover your ears until the storm passes.

Haha why didn't you scream eeww gross and them walk out

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Taco Bell's god damn breakfast.

Just be happy it was her who was having the violent diarrhea!

Better out than in, for both of you. I hope it didn't give you any anxiety issues about the food in the restaurant after that. FYL.

You could've snuck out when you noticed that she had violent diarrhea, though.

Find a way to get help, your irrational fears can be conquered. I believe in you.