By FlyingPain - United Kingdom
Today, I found out that I need to get a root canal, the only day I can get an appointment is on the same day I'm flying out for training for my new job. I can't get out of either, so now need to face my fear of flying and fear of dentists the same day. FML
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  SubaruWRXSTI  |  16

I'm just saying, what would happen if she misses the appointment, she can't get fired like she would if she missed her training, the worst that can happen is going to a different dentist.

By  Fuhkyoo  |  17

score some sweet painkillers from the dentist for the flight, then drink the liquor on the flight. you will literally be dead and unable to care about the petty things that bothered you in life! no need to thank me, im just here to help.


yes. take prescription painkillers then drink yourself to sleep via liquor on your flight. that sounds really smart. not. no. don't do that. that's an accident waiting to happen. the kind you don't wake up from.

on an unrelated note. Trump ads be ruining this app for me. maybe just extra meh cuz its baby's first mobile app prez race ad..


Trump-infused rage made me not read past first sentence. kinda glad I was in the wrong really. if anyone really gave that advice... actually..idk.. I feel I keep putting a limit on a person's ability to be stupid only to be proven wrong. but yeah. at least the only stupidity this time was from me lol

  chinaski7628  |  32

OP might be in severe pain and need the root canal done ASAP. She might not be able to postpone or wait. Also, going to another dentist might not be an option because she might have to wait for an appointment with a new dentist.

By  jcash52426  |  5

Can't you see if you can get the dentist to work around your take off time. Ex your flight is at 6pm and you get your root canal done 8,9or 10am so you get last min thing done