By MBoomer - 16/11/2016 06:36

Today, I found a great parking spot but I wasn't sure if it was restricted by any means or of I could just park there for free. I asked a police officer walking by and he told me it was alright, only to come back 4 hours later to find a ticket on my windshield. FML
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The cop meant it was alright for him -- you helped him with his quota!

Well played, Occifer. Should have known it was a trap it's 2016 haha


Well played, Occifer. Should have known it was a trap it's 2016 haha

It's like drunk officer lol

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I feel it would be more like "well paid, offfffisslurrrr" hit two jokes with one stone... sentence. whatever.

Yeah you're right that is better lol

The cop meant it was alright for him -- you helped him with his quota!

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Damn.. Is there anyway you can figure out if it was the same cop who ticketed you? If so I'd definitely fight that! Well.. Either way I'd try to fight the ticket saying that a cop told you it was okay to park there, unfortunately, things may not go in your favor. It's really not fair, I'm sorry OP :( I hope you can get outta that.

I doubt you can fight that, unless the ticket really was unlawful (I doubt it). Unless you have at least two witnesses (one is usually not enough) to the cop telling you that, you have no case. The cop will simply deny it. And even IF you have witnesses, the law still outclasses one cop. The cop might get a warning for giving you incorrect information, but I doubt the ticket will be rescinded since it was still a lawful ticket...

I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same one. I was told that by a cop and got the ticket from the city traffic warden (I hope thats the right term in english). And since I dont have the name of the cop there is nothing I can really do.

Well, if you were parked for 4 hours in a spot that has a time limit (like 20 min, 2 hours, or anything in between) then there's no way that you are getting out of the ticket. You asked the cop if it was free parking, and he said yes. Neither of you brought up time limits. But if it was a faded red curb, unmarked bus stop, or some other "no parking anytime of day" situation: definitely fight that shit. The cop was a dumbass and the city needs to properly mark those things.

Is it just me... Or has this situation been a FML before? *searches*

I'm pretty sure this is a repost.

YDI for trusting a cop. you're lucky you got away alive.

A little extreme, don't you think?

I would take a picture of the parking spot. Then say where are the signs saying it was a restricted parking spot? Take a picture of the curb and your surroundings. Then fight the ticket. If you are not sure, then it is more than likely there is not a clear sign of it being restricted. Thus, leaving the idea that it is a free parking spot.

A lot of cities have parking bylaws that aren't posted on signs and apply to areas without signs. It wouldn't work if that were the case. It would be the responsibility of the driver to know the laws. Not sure wtf this cop was doing though.

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Assuming they are in the U.S or is it Trumpia now.

Canada's the same way. But yes, I am assuming whatever legal system they are under is similar to mine, which may not be the case. Trumpia will not be officially founded until January 20th. It is Obamapocalyspe right now.

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That's what signs are for. Were there any nearby? If no, you were allowed to park there. Something tells me you aren't telling us the whole story.

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Unfortunately cops are not required to tell you the truth. Doesn't help his quota

Actually, cops ARE by law required to tell you the truth in pretty much every country, unless you live in a seriously skewed backwater place :P. It still won't help you with the ticket. If the ticket was issued correctly, a cop giving you incorrect information won't get your ticket rescinded. It is still your responsibility to check the situation.

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There's a difference between "Park anywhere, you'll be fine", and "Park anywhere, you'll be fined"