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  BoyBeyond  |  0

Yea I agree they didn't like you. But the job couldn't be all that great if no one else wanted it. I'm sure if you keep looking something will come up.

By  cmac86  |  23

I know how you feel. I applied for a cashier position at a restaurant. I've worked retail cash registers and food service registers before. i have never been off by more than 8¢. the marquee said immediate hiring for part time positions- exactly what i wanted. the manager said I was the only qualified person, yet I still didn't get the job.

  Icedogs133  |  0

I agree I'm still have no job and I need one bad, sighs what's wrong with the world do they only want perfect people? Cause I'm willing to work, I may not have experience but I want to...

By  FYLDeep  |  25

At least you know not to reapply in the future. If you didn't get the job now you can be sure that it's because you were unskilled or unemployable, and not because there was a better candidate. You can sleep easy knowing that you really aren't worth shit.

Anyway, I hope you feel better reading this.