By CircleBruise - 08/06/2010 23:58 - United States

Today, I was playing my guitar and singing on the street corner. I did earn money, when some guy threw a quarter out of his car window for me. It hit me in the face. I now have a circle shaped bruise under my eye. FML
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Maybe you should get a real job you worthless hippy.

it's not an FML, don't complain if you got money in the process, he was just making it rain.... cuz ur a guitar hoe :)

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Haha... I know that hurted but I find this situation amusing.

WTF? Was he driving 60 or something? Don't doubt someone would throw a quarter at you, but leave a circle shaped bruise? BS.

sounds like they threw it AT you, rather than TO you!! Sorry

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I think that was his way if saying you suck

At least the OP is doing something in exchange for coin. Far too many people now just walk around straight up asking for money, some even reacting violently to being turned down.

how do you know for sure he's paying for the Internet and had bought the comp

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45 don't assume it's his computer, ur a retard

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the person who did that was a jerk. Karmas gonna get him.

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#57 maybe he's a poor college kid trying to make ends meet, you never know.

Omfg! Don't go dieing on us now OP I've heard that those bruises are really brutal, you look hurt, may I call a waah-mbulance?

I agree 100% with #52's 100% agreeance with 44. Thanks Jessie And i'd like to add to the OP, props for roughing it out in the line of fire. You earned whatever you got. Maybe not in this case, but I know some people intentionally hope to hurt people when they "donate" change by throwing it

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op say you got in a huge fight and wonn

Haha Loren! You're so funny! Your picture still creeps me out though  You're very welcome Warren :)

I spy with my little eye SOTY?! :D. (Hey it rhymed)

#67 I know I was just aiming that towards 45 cause she called him an idiot for being able to afford a computer with Internet yet he's trying to get money off the streets

Who says OP wasn't just playing for fun and to see if he could actually do it, or something. Doesn't mean he's a hobo, damn.

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Jessie: idk I stopped seeing comments of you, so I thought you were gone or something

OMFG Why did I stop listening to All Time Low >.> Anyways, jess, beware, the natives are restless 0.0 That was at my sisters wedding :D

78- Pssh no way bud! I'm on here like everyday, multiple times a day. Sound pathetic? Yeah I know :) Loren- Haha that made me giggle 

I'm on more!! Lookit how many comments Ive made :} You don't need to say how jealous you are cuz I know you all are, save your types I can play Chop Suey and Smoke on the Water and that's it and my singing would make an elephant cry so be happy OP

I'm soooo jealous Loren! *bows down* /sarcasm

cuz chop suey is even easier than even smoke on the water in my opinion and BYOB isn't on YouTube to teach me how for free :]

Ask my friend lol he's been playing electric since he was 12 xD he's probably the best in my school of 1500

ahh I see I'm currently learning drums

Ah, FirstBornUnicorn, great taste in music man.

My friend tried to teach me guitar, but my hands are too small and I can't reach the chords right. :(

Haha Soty don't go getting mad at Jess cuz we all now you're mad at me for getting first and you didnt haha jk Uhg i hate using the comp so much slower than Ipods

same here Jess that's why I chose drums lol

Sam- Yeah and it was like a smaller than average guitar. Lol so sad 

Well I'm in a band so (tongue face) at all you guys, I play the trumpet WE ROCK! YAY! here a youtube link you can watch our High school BotB show if you want, you dont have to

Nyle what's the vid name? I'm on an iPod

Oh ya i forgot no links... Upside Frown! should be the first or second one

LOL nyle you play a trumpet? thumbs up :P You needed a vocal booster, but that's just me

Yay! haha did you like it? we're gonna have an album out soon! should be sweet!

Hey leave me alone =P haha if only nerdsgetmehot was on here she'd defend me haha

Haha I  you Nyle! (and just in case you're on a computer, that's a heart!)

I'm sorry Jessie but men are expected to learn things Like how to drive :] (look it up on YouTube, woman drivers) We gotta learn how to do important things like football ^^^ Sarcastic, Chauvinest comment (however you spell it)

I play the streets, and I have a computer and an iPod.

Uh yeah okay? Where did that come from Loren? I don't understand! 

Thanks Jess  (umm alien head I did not chose u but whateves) Haha ya I didn't know that was a heart at first but got my iPod back Soty haha there a great one recently of a woman jumping over a toll both HILARIOUS!

Lol OP maybe if you werent playing the smoke on the water riff over and over, you wouldnt get coins thrown AT you. Lol learn some good songs. Stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin), Hangar 18 (Megadeth), Chelsea Smile (Bring Me The Horizon. That would be good to please a crowd =D

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YDI for playing the guitar, drums ftw

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was the quarter throwing accompanied by him shouting "get a job, hippie!" ?

70- I play drums =) though I also play guitar. I'm just Not that good at guitar. however I love playing nothing else matters by Metallica

now with the bruise, you can earn more money FAFP

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hahaha... this one made me laugh so hard....

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... Oh. So I'm a worthless hippy? Ok. Try to get a job when your are 13 YEARS OLD.

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Plus, the whole thing was for Humane society. (thnx for being nice. haha) Its a thing I'm doing during the summer before school starts. So if people want to stand outside 100 degree weather for charity, or sit on FML and call people worthless, doesn't matter to me.

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woow. I'M NOT A HOBO. People need to see this before they start making stupid accusations.

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c there is a lesson to be learned here kids money doesn't grow on trees it flies out of cars at high speeds and hits u in the face


ahaha true && yu got a bruse(x

hang on-you beg on street coners but have a computer to post fmls???

ur life is awesome :) yu just got a quarter at least he cared to giv yu something right?

Are you sure it was for you and not at you.

heidelbergmeme 5

yeah back in the day... now they are .75 cents

One more and he could possibly have 2 circled bruises :) Woo, non-positiveness.

max I will pull out my butterfly knife on you.

I'll pull out my caterpillar wand on you..?

lol, I don't think you know what it is so nvm:)

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Samantha: I think he us just playing around

Lol I know what it is :) I was just going along with the bug thing. Know wha I's be's talkin bout broskie?

Dude my comment went all the way down thur :O vvvvvvvvvvv

i had a butterfly knife, but one of the handles broke. that thong was the shit

that's what you get for being a hobo hippie! get a real job or a real gig

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you pick that quarter and use it as a pick!