By Unwelcome - 29/11/2020 11:02

Be better, people

Today, I went to my fiancé’s family’s house for dinner. They put pork and/or alcohol in EVERY. SINGLE. DISH. Including putting bacon grease in the desserts. They know I’m Muslim and his mom insisted I was being rude for only drinking water. We ended up leaving with me in tears. FML
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By  Crowned Sataness  |  6

you need to take a good long look at this relationship. if he sat back quietly and allowed this, RUN. it's easier to leave now, then divorce and split custody. go join reddit at /rJustNoMIL, and maybe r/JustNoSO. they'll give you advice on how to handle things and tell you straight. she's not going to change. he's either going to need to cut them off or this will be your life. there's nothing he brings to the table that makes it worth it.

By  DoctorPALO  |  11

How have you been together long enough be engaged and not know his family feels this way? Has he ever made a point of defending your beliefs to them? If not, get out and do it fast! If he has and they are still acting like this, you may still want to reconsider marrying into this, because it will affect the marriage, and if you have children, it will affect them too.