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By lala - 11/11/2010 02:49 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were flipping through magazines and got on the topic of how airbrushed the girls were. My boyfriend then pointed out all of the flaws on my body that would need to be airbrushed away if I was in a magazine. FML
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Be glad that you don't look like a Photoshopped plastic mannequin.

say they'd have to airbrush his pants to make his balls bigger. That should shut him up.


Stop being ugly then.

What can I say? He's just speaking the truth. Don't be so ugly then.

Maybe that was a not so subtle hint to lose some weight and shave the 'stache?

Be glad that you don't look like a Photoshopped plastic mannequin.

agreed! no one is perfect, so take pride in your flaws and tell your boyfriend to **** off.

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I agree with midnighteyes

Don't you mean ALLmidnighteyes you ******* idiot

Calm down, darling. It was an itty bitty baby mistake. No need to be so angry!~

oh damn chronicfiend... u mad?

Yeah. He mad.

You ******* dumbass. Learn how to ******* spell

Oh many vicious darlings today...

Yes the raging teens are on the prowl.

yay hormones!

of course my post about hormones gets the post number 69 ;D

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ok anime person.

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what a must be proud...

Smooth.... Does no one think before they speak anymore?

apparently not. if those words came out of my mouth to my gf, I'd get the shit slapped out of me and rightfully so! what a dick

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He probably did it because it wasn't a topic you two somehow stumbled upon. More likely is that you started bitching about how fake they all looked because you're so insecure.

Oh yes. And pointing out the flaws made everything SO much better.

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Not saying it wasn't a douchey move on his part, but maybe she learned something about maturity and relationships. Obviously he is with her despite her flaws, so maybe she shouldn't be so ******* insecure about herself with someone who accepts her already. Maybe he should have found a better way to tell her that, too. Fuck off.

Oh my...someone's vicious today!~ There are many reasons why the little darling could have been insecure. Maybe her family teases her over every little thing about her? Maybe her classmates harass her? Maybe she's a very average sized darling, yet her co-workers call her fat? Sure, she's in a relationship, but that doesn't mean she's completely free of being insecure. You never know what other variables in her life exist to make her feel bad about herself if she does.

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Her insecurity is a by-product of her immaturity, not an excuse for it. As I said, **** off queenie.

Oh, now THAT is just downright insulting, darling! Honestly now! So you're saying that if something is insecure about anything, they're immature? In that case, there's not a single mature person in this world. We ALL have our insecurities, darling.

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The insult was intentional, so don't act surprised. It's about how you handle your own insecurities that determines your level of maturity - at least in one of many ways. No need to reply further, as you're only embarrassing yourself... Fuck off.

Funny...I don't feel embarrassed. Hmmm... Enlighten me, darling. What is the 'mature' way to handle your insecurities? Perhaps to keep quiet and let it bottle up inside you?

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As far as insecurities go, acceptance is the mature way to handle them. There is no such thing as "bottling up inside you", so I'm not sure what fairytale world you live in. Probably the same one in which you're completely oblivious concerning whether or not you should feel embarrassed about the stupid shit you say.

Oh, I just don't worry about what people think of me!~ I already look fairly strange by choice after all!~ It's not always difficult to just accept one's insecurities though. Especially if one is constantly judged because of whatever that insecurity may be (weight, skin condition, fashion sense, personal taste in music, etc.). Who wants to just accept something that's brought up in a negative light?

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mr. Zachary, I totally agree with you. 100%

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funzcpl... you look like that person from Germany what was born a boy and changed into a girl. ;)

Mirorbo - 5 Zachary - 0 I'm loving this. P.S - Darling.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't look like that in real life... Unless she cartooned herself!

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InDenial, just because you're gay too doesn't mean you have to defend Miror when he's wrong.

Mr_Zachary people who are insecure doesn't have anything to do with their maturaty level. Some people who are insecure end up with depression and I'm pretty sure it's not because they are imature

Me thinks someone in this reply chain is just a little bit insecure himself, wouldn't you agree? control issues? I'm always right syndrome? silly little boy he is. also. Darling.

You could say that lashing out at random people on the internet without any provocation was immature. One could also speculate that the angry response and lashing out was a mere side effect of insecurity in their life that they deal with by cutting others down or getting into arguments on the internet. The general name calling and bully like tactics normally stem from insecurities. Just some random thoughts to put out there.

CheshireHalli 19

Darling, no need to throw in an insult to gay people when it's not necessary. :) Methinks you are insecure yourself, your maturity level indicates that if we follow your logic.

Zachary, I find it humorous (and perhaps ironic) that you are talking about one's level of immaturity as you are lambasting others for no reason.

Because the "adult" thing to do is to tell someone to **** off when they're disagreeing with you. That just screams maturity, right there!

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I agree 100% with the Darling guy! Zachary of you were mature you would have stopped replying to what Darling had to say buy instead of letting it go you just HAD to keep fighting back!

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*if* *but* Sorry stupid auto correct!

hahha wow ur so mature Zachary this is sad! u shouldn't bully others just cuz u don't feel good bout urself! douch

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*Feeds off the negative energy in this thread, grows larger and more powerful*

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he sounds like a keeper;]

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How do you add friends? Or can you even do that?

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wow what a jerk... doesn't he know boys can't say things like that to girls?

Um, yes you can. Girls need to get over the fact that they aren't perfect. We all have flaws. Was it a dumb thing to say? Sure. We don't know how it was said though. Either way, what's important is that he still loves her in spite of any human imperfections. If he didn't, THEN he'd be an ass.

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kicking. awesome^

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blaah :( dont let that get to you. everyone has flaw

may I ask what the fml here is?? he didn't dumb you cuz of you flaws now did he? he likes you despite your flaws n is open with you. get over it >.> -ish....>.>