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  xD4815162342  |  0

im the OP, (i juuuuust made an account). and no she didn't replace it we're both poor college students, i just happened to have a car. and no insurance doesn't cover it :P

By  Zebidee  |  8

So effectively, your car was stolen, but by people clever enough to use disguises.

I understand that your friend had to fall into the trap, but a car thief is a car thief - it's not exactly your friend's fault.

  Sionnach  |  10

If the friend hadn't parked in a towing zone the thieves wouldn't have been able to make use of their ruse, so yeah, it is. I'd kill the bitch. She's every bit as responsible as the guys who took the car, being so careless when she'd been trusted with someone else's property.