By stewardess - 03/10/2014 01:55 - United States

Today, I asked a passenger what he wanted to drink. When he said marijuana, I started making pot jokes. He really asked for mineral water. I was given a drug test when we landed. FML
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Hard to understand accent, perhaps? I'm sorry OP, but at least it sounds like you passed and/or don't actually smoke.


Hard to understand accent, perhaps? I'm sorry OP, but at least it sounds like you passed and/or don't actually smoke.

I agree, it's good to find a joke out of it, and not actually do it.

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I find that being educated on the subject and a pro-marijuana, non-smoker get's people to listen to what i have to say on the subject.

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#15 - find that that's completely irrelevant here, and that no one gives a shit.

#5: That's called "bong water", and it's technically not marijuana.

a very stoned person who gets their verbs mixed up?

There are pot laced sodas and juices that some of the medical marijuana dispensaries here in California sell. It sounds repulsive to me, though.

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I guess you could drink liquid THC. But it sounds disgusting.

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obviously your not a stoner..good for you stay in school

there is actually an alcoholic drink called marijuana.

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You can make tea out of marijuana as well.

I'm not exactly sure how you get "marijuana" from "mineral water" unless you're lip reading

#3 as #1 said, OP probably didn't understand the passenger because of an accent.

Maybe his accent was different, so op didn't get exactly what he was saying

There's a mexican brand of mineral water called, "Mineragua". So he was probably asking for that.

Sir, would you like some snacks with that ? lol

Yeah, watch OP mistakenly hear him ask for a bag of penis vs peanuts.

I'm not sure that everyone drinks marijuana..

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With 10 bags of Doritos, please

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He *actually* asked for mineral water. Just saying.

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Oh? Oh did he? Really? Thank you for clarifying that, I couldn't figure that out from the FML.

when you are working in customer service industry...its your job to make sure what customers really asking... TWICE...

When people go to a customer service person they should make sure they know what they are adking and say it clearly.

Though the passenger may have a heavy accent, doncha just hate it when people don't make the effort to enunciate their syllables? Just mumble and slur. The way I figure it, if you can't be bothered to let people understand what you're saying, then you don't really have anything worthwhile to say. Honest mistake on OP's part.

I hope you're joking. Half the time when I talk I mumble, and I sound like I'm talking clearly, in my head.

You must have been really high in the sky