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Today, I went to see the school counselor to schedule my classes for school. She asked me if I knew how to speak English. My parents are Chinese and I don't even know how to speak Chinese. I've lived in America my whole life. Plus, I even spoke to her in English to ask about classes. FML
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How do you blindfold a chinese guy? Dental floss.

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Just speak to her in fluent, obvious sarcasm. I think she'll understand it then...

not the human race, Just people from USA

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#96, you can be ignorant in other countries and in many different languages too, not just in the USA... CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings

i don't think it was racism - just ignorance or presumption. Like Ron in Harry Potter grew up having a view of house elves - he changes it when he learns more. Does it make him a racist because of how he was brought up? Maybe.

Speaking from experience, there are people all over the world who are this stupid

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So does that mean this person just made this up?

I changed it. The default location is France when you submit from the mobile site, hence the confusion.

Really, you guys are in France? Hon Hon baguette to you, madam. Yee-haw. Freedumb. I love me some oil.

Not sure addressing the staff using stupid cliché is the best thing to do.

It fits with the FML calm down you over sensitive types.

Racism? Really? Making yourself look like an idiot to crack an obviously stereotypical joke makes you a racist? Damn people are sensitive.

joking about it doesn't make it less racist.

If this was knock on rednecks or hillbillies aka white jokes. Everyone would be ok with it.

Jokes about rednecks, hillbillies, or "white trash" have less to do with race and more to do with class though.

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46 is right. Hillbillies are not their own race. They just act southern, sometimes have a southern accent, and act in a way that some would call less mannered than other Americans. Making a joke about hillbillies and rednecks is not being racist. Making a "joke" about Asians or another nationality is being racist.

Being French isn't a race. It's a culture and a language. Since France is multiracial it means the comment was using a stereotype and not a racist slur. People make blonde jokes all the time but I don't get bent out of shape about it. You put your big girl panties on and laugh if it's funny or don't if it's not. Everyone just needs to calm down with the racism card.

#62 You can have people who speak French who are not French. French is a nationality. So insulting French people would be xenophobic, not racist. Not saying that it is any better though. But well, I'm French and I didn't take offense in what #23 said. It is a stereotypical joke that people make. It doesn't mean that he/she is racist/xenophobic. You can have inter-country banter and keep it civil.

Thank you #64 for reiterating exactly what I said.

#68 Errrh, that was not exactly what you said. And the second part of my comment wasn't directed at you, but at the others on the thread, so no need to be sarcastic and snarky here? Everybody has the right to comment. PS: I love the fact that your wrote "Overly tired of mean, self-important, condescending people" in your profile.

Uh-oh, look what I started. Sorry about the other comment, staff

"White trash " has something to do with race u retard .. Just stop with the race thing its annoying

#87 Firstly there's no need for name calling. Secondly, "white trash" is an interesting term. This is because it does relate to race because it is used specifically against poor white people. However, that term doesn't attack people for being white, it attacks them for being poor. It's not used to dehumanise white people as a whole like how the n-word is used to dehumanise black people as a whole. It is used to specifically dehumanise poor people. That's why I said that it is more of a classist term than a racist one.

Everyone's always in a rush to point out how racist someone is and how racist they're not. If someone was being that bad I'm sure the FML staff would deal with it accordingly. People need to stop being keyboard crusaders and chill out.

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#93, way to rationalize a racist comment. If it wasn't meant to be even slightly racist, it wouldn't include "white". Redneck, almost ALWAYS refers to white people and is usually said to a white person but not always. Hillbilly, I'll agree with you.

Hillbillies = Appalachians, and they are extremely discriminated against. People make fun of Appalachian dialects, such as "er" sounds (ideer, yer, etc.), in a condescending way, as if those who said it are stupid or ignorant. They are not. They just have a different regional voice.

2 FML admins on same thread. That's a first!

And because it's about Asians this time, it's obviously okay. The whole "if it were ______" excuse is just another excuse used by those who are too dumb or just uninterested in actually acting like a half way intelligent human being. Racism is racism, and minimizing it because it's not a big enough deal for you just puts the problems on you

pretty sure he was making jokes about the fml

Did she slowly pronounce her words like you didn't understand?

People can be so ignorant and disrespectful

You should have said "Me no understand"

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I used to say, "me no speaku engrishi" to hobos who'd asked for money when I lived in the Sttates. Try saying that instead.

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Dog poop soaked in puke in the midst of rubbish at the garbage dump.

Did you ask about "crasses" or "classes?" I deserve the down votes I couldn't help myself.

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step to over coming it.

I had to give you thumbs up most people wouldn't of had the balls.

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Don't bring up the Chinese restaurant from A Christmas Story. "Farararara rararara"

answer her " Ching chong ching chong" if the english words are not good for her?

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"ching chong ching chong", means, "hair ass Norwagian" in mandarin. oh the irony.

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The ignorance is strong with this one

I didn't know Alexandra Wallace was on FML.