Where to now?

By Anonymous - 10/07/2012 05:55 - United States

Today, I was finally leaving my hometown to live in my dream city. Everything was packed, keys were handed in, goodbyes were made. The moment my truck began pulling out to get underway, the guy I'd gotten a room from in my new city called to inform me that he'd decided to rent to someone else. FML
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Wait, didn't you had to sign a contract or so?

At least you weren't half way there. You only just left.


At least you weren't half way there. You only just left.

Yeah, you're pretty lucky you hadn't actually left. But didn't you have some sort of contract with the guy? Or did you pack your stuff before confirming you could actually LIVE there?

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And atleast its her hometown she's still in so she knows some people she can stay with and try to get her old place back

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Everything happens for a reason.

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Yeah, the reason that happened was because of some piece of shit.

2 - I am going to have to disagree with you. The fatalistic attitude takes power away from people who do want to make changes. I do believe in making the best of whatever the situation is but just because shit happens doesn't mean there is some sort of huge plan behind it.

That's BS. You get pancreatic cancer and spend the final two years of your life in agony and tell us that.

Nominating "Everything happens for a reason." to DocBastard's list of useless/annoying replies.

Everything does happen for a reason! For the good or bad. For all we know, if they ended up there they could have been murdered or some shit.

Wait, didn't you had to sign a contract or so?

23 - Obviously an accidental error, leave it out.

The difference between being a douche and being a grammar nazi, when you jump on someone for an obvious accident instead of ignorance.

Oh, I don't mind him pointing out my mistake. After all, I'm not in high school anymore, so how am I going to write correct English if no one's correcting me? Plural verb after 'didn't', got it.

You can go to court over that and win. I am Assuming you had a contract.

There will always be more opportunities, so don't be easily discouraged.

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Parents: It felt like only today you left and now you're back! Life goes by so fast! *crys*

41- It's already bad enough that that wasn't funny. But then you also had to go and make your own spelling error.

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Actually 48, "misspelling" is spelled correctly. Did you know that "misspell" is one of the most misspelled words in America? I didn't.

If you guys signed a contract he legally can't terminate it till the set amount of months or years are over! But I wish you all the best OP(:

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Unless no papers were signed.

Maybe you should get a realtor to help you find a rental in your dream city. It may be better than you searching alone...

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Wow, that would make me one sad camper.

You mean a sad panda. I'm a sad panda..