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Today, a 65 year old toothless gas station attendant asked me out on a date in exchange for free gas, and I said yes. This is what my unemployment has come to. FML
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give him a few pumps and he'll give you a few pumps

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Hahaha that's funny. I'm currently unemployed while I'm going to school and I know the feeling!! I'm currently choosing to be unemployed so I'm not that desperate, but I'm sure when I do start my job search and IF it doesn't go as smoothly as I'm hoping then I'll be in the same boat you're in. I wish you the best in finding a job!!! For the time being thank god you're good looking and can get free gas in exchange for a date ( which you'll get a free meal out of the date) so in reality it's a win-win situation!!

If op ditches out, I'd feel bad for the old guy. Maybe he was just trying to be nice. And for op to follow through on the "date", is a way of saying thank you. Doesn't have to be anything more than that.

Sounds like you just got employed hahahaha :p

jwade11 12

Why was my comment deleted? I made a valid point!! Free gas and a free meal!! Beat that motha fuckas!!!

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shit if I was a girl I would do it. it's not like he asked you for sex or anything else. Just have dinner which is free also and get to know the dude. simple as that.

55 - c'mon 65 want a date with a younger girl only? He ain't stupid ya know...

Lol I should do that sometime (I pump gas as part time work) I'm only 18 also so it isn't that bad I have all my teeth and am considered a hopeless romantic.

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It could have been worse. He could've just skipped the dinner/date thing and went straight to BJ or sex?

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Yea but he can call the police and there are prob cameras everywhere...

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So? If there were cameras then it would show that he pumped gas in her car, since he is the attendant. They won't be able to do anything.

Michael_92 20

Doesn't matter if there are cameras. What are they gonna say? She tried to pay.

Yes but it looks like she drove away without paying and what does pumping gas into a vehicle have to do anything with it? I pump gas as a part time job people drive away all the time im not held accountable for them driving away.

Haha that's such an asshole move though.

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Ok if you run off without paying then they will take a look at the camera's footage and they can identify you and they can also clearly see the car you drive with it's liscense plate. Use common sense

If the gas is already accounted for, it's not like he can accuse her days later of stealing it. Cash registers keep track of these things.

Blackmail111 9

If she ditches him on the date he probobaly could but with all logic he couldn't accuse her for letting her go. However if she does that who knows? Maybe one day she will run out of gas at that same gas station. What will she do if they don't let her fill it up

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In AZ you pay first. So depending on how they do things she wouldn't be accountable because the attendant is the one who processed it.

Pretty sure he's going to be unemployed pretty soon too. Make it a night he'll never forget.

Dont goo. make an excuse and get free gas again and never show up to that gas station :p

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Yeah OP, don't ''goo". Nasty .

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I thought hookers were just trying to make enough for college?!

The real question is.. Where does fruit fetish start? I'll let you guys reflect on that.

I think you're mixing up hookers and strippers.

Granted, there isn't much of a difference...

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Hey, its free gas:) we all would probly jump at a chance for that

I'm pretty sure I'd go on a date for a free meal, let alone free gas! Such is the life of a poor college student.

Shoot! I got a job and I'd take that offer lmao! Just let me get my wife's car and fill it up too!

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