By spougeineye1 - 03/04/2012 16:37 - United States - Tacoma

Today, I realized that due to my obsession with House MD, I seem to have subconsciously developed a limp in my right leg. FML
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btstig 11

Same thing happens to me when I watch ****. I subconsciously grow a 10 inch penis.

No way! I thought I was the only one! :)


No way! I thought I was the only one! :)

I actually developed a limp from playing Skyrim too much...

K_kanaka 26

and within a month OP will be using a cane, start being a prick, begin to call all his fellow peers idiots, and will be addicted to pain killers.

ImDaBes 6

lol same thing happened to me. But not before my family started telling me I was talking like House. They're sick of my sarcasm.

OP and #2 - Just take 60 Minutes of rest. You should feel fine.

I used to watch HOUSE MD but then I.....

That's nothing. I've developed a Swedish accent from watching Pewdiepie.

Holy shit me too, always find myself talking like stefano and I'm like ****

SpruceDread4578 13

78- First go listen to Robbaz on YouTube...KING OF SWEDEN!!

haZzbin 0

Robbaz here king of Sweden. LOOK AT MY ******* WALRUS!!

I have had quite a few marathon sessions of Doctor Who recently, and now my "thinking voice" is British and I'm developing a British accent.

Yeah, after I watch Doctor Who too much I also start developing characteristics like the Doctor, I noticed that with the eleventh one when I started acting a bit like him.. :P

correction- It's hardly ever lupus.

Correction- its never lupus. (even when it is lupus, it's not lupus)

This post reminds me of Professor Lupin from Harry Potter.

That's almost as bad as the fathom cell phone ring.

PYLrulz 17

I loved the gameshow Press Your Luck as a kid. Didn't give me an obsession to steal money like a Whammy. Now grow the hell up and stop limping

Did you ever see the Michael Larson episodes? where he figured out the pattern behind the board so he could win infinite free spins and avoid Whammies, and kept going for days?

The_madmax 23

grow the hell up and stop being a prick

SnowWhite32 3

House is awesome!!!! Now you just need to be sarcastic n mean!!!

And be able to read people like a book!

Torva_fml 16

Hey 80... Keep your opinions to yourself. House is amazing. You're not. Bye.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Hey 80, shut the **** up. Thanks.

Let us know when you develop a vicodin addiction, then we'll talk.

I've had a way worse painkiller addiction. Try snorting 16 30Mg oxycodone in one sitting that's what I do

Now you just need to buy a Pimp-ass cane.

And a motorcycle with a handicap tag! Btw, Good luck at basic!

it needs the flames on the bottom to make it look like you're going faster!

Do you also diagnose patients, and come up with ingenoius solutions to problems no other doctors can?

I think I may know of a Doctor who can come up with even more ingenious solutions than House.....*cough* profile pic *cough*........