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Today, my older brother offered me a cigarette. I took it and barely took a drag before he socked me in the arm and lectured me for taking the offer. He's an alcoholic, and smokes daily. FML
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Noheartbeat 19

Maybe he is trying to make sure you don't go down the same path.

Maybe he's trying to help you out. Addiction sucks.


Maybe he's trying to help you out. Addiction sucks.

I do the same to anyone I actually care abt dnt take it personally. he's broski of the yr.

Noheartbeat 19

Maybe he is trying to make sure you don't go down the same path.

That was my thought, too! It's sweet of him to care about OP enough to sock him in the arm! Brotherly love at its finest!

It's obviously too late for OP

He doesn't want you to turn out like him.

Maybe he is trying to change it, but is just struggling to do so?

I work with someone who smokes a pack a day and he tells me he wants to quit but he said it's hard. He use to smoke 2 packs a day but brought himself down to one so at least he made some progress.

it's addictive, maybe he's trying #22

addiction is genetic, try to stay healthy.

I disagree. My father had a drinking problem and none of my five brothers have that issue. In my opinion people who use genetics to excuse their addiction is bs with the exception of a crack baby.

7: I agree that the cause of addiction is probably a lot more complicated than just genetics and probably involves a lot more factors but there have been studies which seem to show that genetics DO play a significant part. For example a gene has been identified to do with D2 receptors (these receptors keep the flood of dopamine and sensations of pleasure/reward under control. Taking addictive substances causes a flood of dopamine and so those with fewer D2 receptors have a harder time controlling feelings of pleasure when they take these substances). Anyway, carriers of this gene I mentioned have 30% (I think) fewer D2 receptors than non-carriers. The gene is present in about 70% of alcoholics and 11% of non alcoholics. (Don't quote me on these numbers, but I'm sure it's something like that) Anyway, that's just one piece of evidence. There's lots of other evidence for the genetic role in addiction from twin studies, adoption studies etc. So people who talk about genetics when talking about addiction aren't necessarily 'excusing their addiction'. There's plenty of evidence to support them.

Yay, someone already scienced on this! Thanks 19! An addict parent doesn't automatically produce an addict kid. And an adict kid doesn't equate to an adict sibling. Addictions are complicated. But the genetic predisposition increases the risk.

The genetic traits present in addicts run heavy in my family, I watch myself carefully with alcohol after going to too many funerals for family members with various vices. Just because something didn't seem to manifest in your particular family doesn't make it untrue, that is a very narrow and ignorant view of the world.

genetics can factor into how bad an addiction is. you can be predisposed to an addiction with genetic factors. Not to say that it's a given that you will become addicted to something, every person is different

Addiction is not genetic

56- Evidence? It's obviously not entirely genetic, there are probably lots of factors which interact to result in addiction but, as I said in my previous comment, there is plenty of good quality evidence to suggest that genetics play a significant part. Off the top of my head, Bloom's study on D2 receptors, Shuckit's study on sons of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fathers, Bonham and Cloninger's adoption study and multiple twin studies all seem to show that genetics are of at least some importance. Obviously all studies have some flaws but still. Care to elaborate on your point?

Obviously he doesn't want the same for you. Regardless of his life you're still his brother! Listen to him

A strange way to teach you a lesson, but I'm sure he had good intentions.

A creative way to get his point across, and it's a lesson you won't soon forget!

Listen to him.

Maybe he was drunk

UhHuhHoney 20

Just means your brother cares about you and doesn't want you to go through whatever he's going through. That's a true big brother.