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Today, I noticed a disgusting odor that seemed to be radiating off my brother. When I asked him about it, he replied, "I think it's ball sweat. I haven't had a shower in a few weeks, so it's hard to tell." FML
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*hazmat suit on* *fire hose primed* *industrial soap prepared* *long-handled scrubbing brush located* Right, I'm ready.


eminemchick 19

i know, i wouldve sucked it off:) but thats just me

Girls just live the smell of an unhygienic man. Very attractive indeed.

16 ew! You rancid fellow! OP is your bro a caveman? Hose him down and and pour Dettol down his pants! Baka!

Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that #16 is even joking about sucking off hi brothers stinky ball sweat?

Oh her* brother, my bad. Still gross.

eminemchick 19
NiqueKristan92 0

# 24 No you are not the only one... *gag*

braasilianx0 4

24, I find it disgusting as well. no class.

28- We kind of figured, but what does that have to do with this?

eminemchick 19

28, cuz theyre calling me a guy. and wow, i just wanted ****.:(

quote&tag him on your facebook status

ImmortalKratos 0

sweat has hormones that naturally attract women...your brother must be pimpin by now.

Yeahh I noticed that after I posted my comment, so I corrected it...

33- It doesn't sound like they're disgusted because they think you're a guy, it sounds like they're disgusted because you joked about sucking a dick that hasn't been washed in weeks.

Not just a dirty dick, her brothers dirty dick

eminemchick 19

i wouldnt suck my brothers dickXD see 37

44, are you mistaking 47 for OP? Because you're confusing me.

eminemchick 19

oh wow, im attracting thumbs down like magnets today:(

wow 33 way to attract the wrong kind of attention. I'm sure that all the guys want you now. They want your herpes.

eminemchick 19

50, the herpes from my virginity?xD

mismonroe 0

I'm assuming she's not really fantasizing about 2 week old ball sweat. Quit being prissy.

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eminemchick 19

it's her brother.... I dont think she'd do that

eminemchick 19

jeez can all haters **** off i was only kidding

sxe_beast 11

56... How is that a typical boy? WTF are you talking about? None of my male friends have ever stopped showering for weeks. I personally shower a couple times a day and change 2-4 times a day. Way to be fail.

FYI you don't need to have sex to get herpes. I see you had some great sex Ed.

haha you act like you wrote this. I did. My brother is 18 thank you. don't claim things that you didn't write!

I don't think she was claiming this FML as hers.

mismonroe 0

No, she wasn't, I don't think. but wow, you get one FML posted and it goes straight to the head! -_-

exactly how old is your brother, if I may ask.

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You guys are jerks. Learn to take a joke and stop disliking someone's comments due to their first comment.

#69 2-4 times a day? You know, there's an opposite side of the spectrum where you have to turn in your "bro card." You're allowed 1.3 changes per day. Thems' bro-rules.

talnelson 0

that's not you that's julliane hough

yea y havent u showered in a few weeks?? thats nasty

sxe_beast 11

@154 - Well, I wear different outfits to certain places/occasions :|. Like there's casual clothes, going out clothes, school clothes (required uniform), sports uniforms, etc. Also my mother is a cliche stay at home corporate wife/soccer mom who hosts a lot of stuff that I often have to dress up for. On top of all of this I'm a flaming **** and absolutely adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre fashion. I like to mix it up and hate wearing the same thing for too long. :D

PurpleRae420 0

I just threw up in my mouth a little EWW

hamster_10 2

146 if your gunna take negatives that personally then you really shouldn't even bother commenting

your brother is officially a MAN now haha

firstrecon 0

yeah honesty time to gas mask up and honestly force him in the shower.

jess_h14 2

that is absolutely disgusting.....

I have to agree! Who in the hell doesn't shower for weeks besides hobos?! I'm sure if he hasn't showered then he hasn't brushed his teeth or anything! That's just messed up. OP I'd throw his stank ass in a lake or something!

No he brushes his teeth and all that stuff just doesn't think he NEEDS to shower.

kawboy the other girl who posted on here is the OP. and I would have to agree with u I shower twice a day and brush my teeth several times a day. if I don't I feel gross. but btw I love ur tat I actually have two myself. :)

Oh ok I get it now lol... and thanks :)

guckylynn 19

147 if you brush more than twice daily, you wear down your enamel. it's actually bad for you to brush numerous times daily.

KennKenn 0

Is his name Dale, or Brenan?

Well, maybe you should get him to take a shower. Or to wipe his balls with speed stick

jchanon 1

yeah especially after a few weeks! my balls are always clean

How are they strange? I actually quite like them...

ewes I didn't know balls could sweat does that mean a ****** can too? :S

WearingHats 14

Where do you think vinegar comes from?

83, how old are you? He's sixteen. That's creepy. 

Shadow4i5 3

lol no **** but it does look a little strange cuz the pic makes ur head look so much bigger than ur body

Eagor obviously hasn't reached any stage of sexual maturation...

Wait till he's sleeping and pour a bunch of soapy water on him.

Time to buy some soap don't ya think?

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omg I accidently thumbed UP this comment when I tried to thumb it DOWN XP

I hate when I do that 40:( especially on comments that make me want to weep for humanity

*hazmat suit on* *fire hose primed* *industrial soap prepared* *long-handled scrubbing brush located* Right, I'm ready.

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I just vomited in my mouth?

I don't understand...Why is there a question mark there?