By anonymous / Thursday 9 June 2011 19:04 / United States
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  eminemchick  |  19

i know, i wouldve sucked it off:) but thats just me

  YacL  |  15

33- It doesn't sound like they're disgusted because they think you're a guy, it sounds like they're disgusted because you joked about sucking a dick that hasn't been washed in weeks.

  sxe_beast  |  11

56... How is that a typical boy? WTF are you talking about? None of my male friends have ever stopped showering for weeks. I personally shower a couple times a day and change 2-4 times a day. Way to be fail.

  sxe_beast  |  11

@154 - Well, I wear different outfits to certain places/occasions :|. Like there's casual clothes, going out clothes, school clothes (required uniform), sports uniforms, etc. Also my mother is a cliche stay at home corporate wife/soccer mom who hosts a lot of stuff that I often have to dress up for. On top of all of this I'm a flaming homo and absolutely adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre fashion. I like to mix it up and hate wearing the same thing for too long. :D

  Kawboy  |  1

I have to agree! Who in the hell doesn't shower for weeks besides hobos?! I'm sure if he hasn't showered then he hasn't brushed his teeth or anything! That's just messed up.

OP I'd throw his stank ass in a lake or something!

  09volley  |  0

kawboy the other girl who posted on here is the OP. and I would have to agree with u I shower twice a day and brush my teeth several times a day. if I don't I feel gross. but btw I love ur tat I actually have two myself. :)

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